I wish everybody knew about

when "hey you should read article! [link]" leads you to some hideous monstrosity of popups, autoplaying videos, and begging for/demanding money to read the damn text, you can instead:

1. copy the URL
2. paste it into the box
3. enjoy reading the actual text
4. (optional) say "not today, Satan"

sometimes it doesn't work, for some mysterious, unexplained reason. sometimes chokes on NYT articles, for example, but other times if I close the tab it's in, open an new tab, and try pasting the url again, it works, so.

anyway yeah! spread the news!

@troodon protip: write in the address bar and paste the target URL after it.

for sites that aren't supported, e.g. NYT (but MANY others), disabling JavaScript almost always never loads all the garbage and lets you just read the article

for NYT, disabling JavaScript means you don't even load the paywall functionality.

extensions like NoScript and uMatrix let you easily selectively disable JavaScript.

boost if you like

@troodon .....couldn't you also use Firefox's reading mode? Little button in the URL bar to the right?

@troodon Also useful for reading articles/blogs that are blocked by your government or ISP :)

@troodon the reader mode in Firefox works quite well usually. And it can also speak 🙂

@troodon nice!
is there a browser extension or something so you can just automatically redirect or w.e?

@toast no idea, though some of the other comments have suggested things that might work for that? I've finally been able to remember the name of the site, so whenever I click something that's spammy and full of pop-ups I just go "oh right" and pop the url in. XD

@troodon your browser probably has this built right into it, it's called reading mode and it usually shows up as a little page with lines on it in the toolbar

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