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Sunnyside (DISLIKE👎SQUAD) @Egg

I hadn't realized how much I'd gotten used to the idea of being harassed on the web because 'hands off' policies from inaccessible site admins were so common.

Being here on masto really made me think about how much the web-based cruelty I had come to think of as """"""normal""""" was in fact unnecessary.

Culture matters, in a visceral way.

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@Egg The problem exists when it's a large company managing an even larger social network.

You've got a team of maybe 500-1000 people (within IT, Support and PR) managing 328M active twitter users. There's bound to be some stuff that goes under the radar.

Twitter's best move right now would be to do what YouTube did and have community-driven moderation (YT heroes).

While YT kinda messed up on the PR for that one, it's not a terrible idea and we see it working here on Mastodon!! :)

@Egg When people take harassment seriously instead of having a usercount-minded view it does wonders

@Egg Yeah, same here.

It's pretty shocking that because of the way things are structured I didn't realise sooner that places that let victims fend for themselves is actually a pretty miserable environment.