@ziphi . This is good stuff. Now quit that "maybe I'm getting better, maybe I just got lucky with this piece". There's always more to learn, always ways to improve, but you're at a level that makes me jealous.

@ziphi For some constructive feedback... as a potter, I feel your saucer has no depth. It comes real close to looking like a flat disk on the table.
I think the key problem is you can draw a straight line through the far edges of the outer ellipse and the foot of the cup, putting them on the same level, when the rim should be above that level.
But the saucer is also not the focal point, so it doesn't immediately detract from the impact of the image.
Your tea cup is on-point though.

@CarlCravens Yeah, I was worried about the saucer. It was the only thing in the piece I didn't pull up a reference for, so I just kinda went with how I imagined one instead of drawing from real life.

I have my own minor quibbles with this piece, but overall I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

@ziphi I have the advantage of having studied a lot of pottery forms, so it jumps out at me :)
You should be happy with the way it turned out... it's a nice piece. I'm glad the new tablet is working out.

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