"Tainted Love," but instead of those two strong chords punctuating it, there's a goose.

Sometimes I feel I've got to~

@ziphi …this is almost how I remember the song anyways. If you had claimed it was a goose, I would've had to listen to the song to check.

(We've had goat remixes of dubstep songs; why not goose remixes of other songs?)

@digitalfox @ziphi Now I really want to hear both this, and a big band version where those two strong chords are just the entire brass section.

Or goose and cow bell:

Tainted love *honk clang* tainted love

I've always felt the song needed more cow bell

angry goose (oohooooooh)
angry goose
don't bite me please
I cannot stand the way you HOOOONK

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