I'm curious what people's favorite space photos are.

I can't choose individual ones, but the Juno probe got some beautiful pictures of Jupiter. I especially love the poles and detailed photos of the weather patterns.

A lot of the visible-light photos from space probes are far better for publicity than they are for science, but as an artist and lover of pretty things, I am very grateful for them.

@ziphi I'd argue that there's inherent value to their broad publication.

@ziphi like I am 100% okay with "get some gorgeous photos of the cosmos" as a mission goal.

@starkatt I had forgotten there was a guitar on the ISS. Definitely the best thing there. (That and the cupola always provides great photos.)

Thanks for sharing all these!

@ziphi That last one is so wonderful because it emphasizes that the ISS is a place where actual human people live their lives for a little while.

@starkatt @ziphi i love pictures taken from object surfaces

this is venus and it looks like a place you could technically physically be and i love it

@xenon @starkatt @ziphi getting there would be hard, and you wouldn't be there very long before there stopped being a you to be there, though.

@starkatt @ziphi holy crud, that's unreal. it looks like another world

makes you realise just how much of this planet is water

@ziphi I'm gonna try to remember this when I get home because I have a collection.

@ziphi My favorites are the sunsets our rovers have taken from the surface of Mars, followed by pictures or the Earth/Moon system from anywhere far away.

@ziphi @jalcine

still this one - Io over Jupiter.

I know we know so much more now about Jupiter, but this is eerily beautiful. I think it’s the massive size of Jupiter behind, and the terminator line.
@ziphi it's stunning how good it is, considering it's a mosaic of 102 images taken by the Viking 1 orbiter in 1980

@ziphi oh that's a beautiful one. I quite like [link, quite a big image (20Mb)]
because it updates every 10 minutes

I used to have a script that would update my wallpaper to the latest one automagically

@ziphi While my favorites are Hubble nebula shots, I’ve also really liked @CrookedCosmos for procedural filters applied to NASA’s collected image library. (Its a bot that applies various pixelation filters to randomly selected NASA images, and occasionally comes up with masterpieces.)

Jupiter's clouds really are stunning. I love those Juno images too!

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