A progression of exceedingly unrealistic thoughts:

I should try a Zelda randomizer.
Ooh, they have custom models!
I should make my own foxy model!
Ooh, I should make a quadrupedal fox.
Wait, that would mess up a few things. I should mod the whole game to work with this.

Ooh! What if I modded it into an entirely new game!

It was at this point that my brain realized that its knowledge of how to do things stopped about five suggestions ago.

@ziphi is this a ROMhack? Because it's wonderful.

@ThreeLetterMax I'm doing the WW randomizer. The custom model is a separate thing, but works with it.


@ziphi hahaha this was great until I saw the sans undertale one and now it feels vaguely cursed.

All we're missing is Pink Bunny Link though and I'd be playing this in a heartbeat!

@ThreeLetterMax Heck, I wish.
They have a tutorial for making it in Blender, so maybe I'll give it a try, when I can. No promises though.

@ziphi this is one of the best things ive seen, at all

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