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If you like my art and want to show some support (or even if you like my ramblings), I have a Ko-fi!

Any contributions are greatly appreciated!
And if you want to show support in other ways, boosts, likes, and comments are always welcome!


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Hey! I'm Ren.

I'm a grey fox, an artist (primarily with watercolor, ink, and acrylics), a nonbinary trans girl, and I dabble in just about everything creative. I also struggle with severe depression and use platforms like this to discuss and process it.

I have a terrible tendency to avoid initiating social interactions, but please, feel free to talk with me! I'll open up rather quickly.

Only had the focus for one Fire Emblem map and didn’t get any work done on my comic.

I’d like to have a plan for the next page and get the sketch done tomorrow.

Tonight though is reserved for depression.

I am sorely tempted to stay up all night and try to catch up on all the stuff I didn’t do today.

But I know I’d do a poor job at work tomorrow and not get much done anyway.

Heckin’ responsibility isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Also I should be paid more, but it’s impossible enough to find a job anyway.

I wanna be at home playing Fire Emblem and drawing.

Heck, this “work” thing sucks.

Making comics is pain. Would not recommend anything other than short form ones.

I kinda leapt into the deep end with mine. It’s gonna take me twenty years to finish, and I’m not confident enough in my writing skills to know that it will even pay off.

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🌑From the Shadows comes the Light✨

(Well, you got me! This was just an excuse to draw one big horse😆And drawing horses is not my forte, but I like this one!)

#mastoart #art #illustration #fantasy #drawing #artwork

Some have speculated that there is no core to the fox and that the fox is, in fact, fluff all the way down.

Such claims are not provable though, as no one has ever made it far enough into a fox's fluff to tell. And those who make the attempt often never return.

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BULLETIN: there is a squirrel outside my window

Got these coming to me!
Some assembly required. By which I mean all the assembly.

It should be fun!

For anyone interested in my comic, I don't yet have a dedicated site for it, but here is a link to the full thing in PDF format.

I'd also recommend going into your PDF viewer, changing it to display two pages side by side, while showing only the cover page for the first page.

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I do not gend, there for I am not a gender.

I have many things I want to do. Well, two things really.

But I have energy for neither of them.

It’s weird getting used to the bow. I keep stopping and expecting the note to ring out when it just doesn’t.

Can play now Binary Sunset and the Clock Town theme from Majora’s Mask on the erhu.

Not well, of course.

I'm fine with calling myself feral, but to be fair I'm still rather domestic.

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Early #caturday. Winding down after a stressful week by drawing cat memes on my twitch stream. #art #mastoart #CatsOfMastodon #cat

I keep time travelling when I close my eyes. When I open them, it's hours later.

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