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Hey! I'm Ren.

I'm a grey fox, an artist (primarily with watercolor, ink, and acrylics), a nonbinary trans girl, and I dabble in just about everything creative. I also struggle with severe depression and use platforms like this to discuss and process it.

I have a terrible tendency to avoid initiating social interactions, but please, feel free to talk with me! I'll open up rather quickly.

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If you like my art and want to show some support (or even if you like my ramblings), I have a Ko-fi!

Any contributions are greatly appreciated!
And if you want to show support in other ways, boosts, likes, and comments are always welcome!


Casual reminder that there is a Sting album that starts with "If you love someone set them free" and ends with "if I've built this fortress around your heart, encircled you with trenches and barbed wire."

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I like music when I'm stressed the heck out.

Here's my favorite Kansas song:

A brief bit on politics again, and then I'm done. More meta-discourse this time. Show more

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I'm in the mood for some David Bowie.

Golden years~
Gold, whop whop whop!

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Oh heck, I should do a couple of self care things today. I was in a bad place last night.

I really should sleep. Nothing good will come of this mood.

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, me being less than cogent due to sleep deprivation, very distantly related to furry, also distantly related to lewd? Show more

Somebody somewhere decided that having low-rate random drops in a video game was a good idea.

My brain is the sort of brain that is not good at putting things down or changing focus once it starts something, even if that something is ultimately pointless.

This combination is capable of great evils.

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I'm not doing Inktober this year, but I wanted to do at least one ink drawing this month. Drawing some orca whales seemed like a good way to break in my new pens!

#inktober #inktober2018 #mastoart #art #drawing #illustration #whale

Life goals.
Gentle Wolf: kind-hearted and strong.

(Still gonna keep recommending Nami Tsuki's Lonely Wolf Treat games. The fifth one is out now and I'm playing it for the first time!)

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