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mental health, where I've been 

So, I haven't been on this account too much recently. There are a few reasons for that.

First of all: I've moved! To a different account I mean. I'll still be using this one to boost important things and artists I like and to post my own art, but my musings and depression posting will be elsewhere.

Second, I wanted to have a more private account with restricted follows. So pardon if I don't advertise it here. A few close friends have already found me there, but that's about all I'm comfortable with.

Third, my depression has been very severe recently. Extremely. About as bad as it gets. So I haven't been able to do much more than sleep, work (barely), and try to keep myself alive.

Anyway, I'll be around. Just a lot quieter than I used to be.

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If you like my art and want to show some support (or even if you like my ramblings), I have a Ko-fi!

Any contributions are greatly appreciated!
And if you want to show support in other ways, boosts, likes, and comments are always welcome!


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Hey! I'm Ren.

I'm a grey fox, an artist (primarily with watercolor, ink, and acrylics), a nonbinary trans girl, and I dabble in just about everything creative. I also struggle with severe depression and use platforms like this to discuss and process it.

I have a terrible tendency to avoid initiating social interactions, but please, feel free to talk with me! I'll open up rather quickly.

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> "What musical instrument do you play?"

"The Mandelbrot Set and other fractals!"

> "Uh, okay, what does that sound like?"

*emits a wide range of harsh discordant tones reminiscent of dial up modems, plus some calming musical notes, too* "Sounds of the Mandelbrot Set", 9m:31s, by CodeParade (creator of Marble Marcher), with free, open source download!
(Ports to macOS/Linux are partially complete, check open issues on source code repository.)

Here's a super weird piece of music I've been working on!

I'm probably going to restart on it, though. It needs a lot of work, and while this was a good exercise to get ideas, I'm not sure I accomplished what I wanted to with it.

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NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is scheduled to touch down at 3:55pm EST (in about 45 minutes)

Live stream available at:

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More ice crystals. These are 2-3 cm long each, formed on a marshy meadow near a river over night.

Just finished this older piece that I've had lying around for a while!

I may come back to it at some point in the future and redo it, but for now, I'm satisfied enough with it.

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I've been learning how to do printmaking, it's really fun.

Here's some tunes I wrote!
I hope they're good, but they're quite different from anything I've done before. They even include some of the worst key changes I've ever had to do!

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🌟Avatars $50 US

IMPORTANT: I'll be doing these *after* I catch up on my other commissions, I just have some bills that need paying before then, so it may take a couple weeks. Keep this in mind!!


Want one? Message me!!!

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Collaboration work with the microenterprise Alicanto Garden Nursery.
I was asked to make illustrations to sell mugs with my work on them and sell, I did some other works too

#MastoArt #art #illustration #chibi #dragon #flower #collab

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Who wants some eye candy from me playing with masking fluid? Unfortunately I discovered that the textured paper does NOT work with it and it got all ripped up but that was the point of the exercise so it's fine 😅

If anyone with or without experience in music could tell me what they think of this piece so far, I'd be grateful.

I'm trying to get opinions because I did some weird things with it, including perhaps the most difficult key change I'll ever have to do (two scales that share only one note), so I'm not sure what to think of it myself. Does it flow well? Does it sound too wonky? I'm fine with some dissonance, I just want it to sound intentional.

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Une commission fleurie que j'ai adoré faire. Hate que ce choker aille rejoindre sa nouvelle maison ✨

I still have a bunch I wanna do with this, but here's a dragon-sona!

Well, a wingless, furry dragon that probably does not breathe fire.

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this is an idea i've had for awhile and finally decided to actually make them! patterned pride flags! i will expand flag options as im able to get fabric for them. for now, i've finished both the trans flag and the nonbinary flag!


#pride #transgender #nonbinary #queerartist #mastoart #patch #sewing

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Tiny ice crystalls on moss and spider webs.
Colours manipulated to enhance that microscopic otherworldliness. #photography #photomanimulation #macro #mastoart

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