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mental health, where I've been 

So, I haven't been on this account too much recently. There are a few reasons for that.

First of all: I've moved! To a different account I mean. I'll still be using this one to boost important things and artists I like and to post my own art, but my musings and depression posting will be elsewhere.

Second, I wanted to have a more private account with restricted follows. So pardon if I don't advertise it here. A few close friends have already found me there, but that's about all I'm comfortable with.

Third, my depression has been very severe recently. Extremely. About as bad as it gets. So I haven't been able to do much more than sleep, work (barely), and try to keep myself alive.

Anyway, I'll be around. Just a lot quieter than I used to be.

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If you like my art and want to show some support (or even if you like my ramblings), I have a Ko-fi!

Any contributions are greatly appreciated!
And if you want to show support in other ways, boosts, likes, and comments are always welcome!


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Hey! I'm Ren.

I'm a grey fox, an artist (primarily with watercolor, ink, and acrylics), a nonbinary trans girl, and I dabble in just about everything creative. I also struggle with severe depression and use platforms like this to discuss and process it.

I have a terrible tendency to avoid initiating social interactions, but please, feel free to talk with me! I'll open up rather quickly.

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Ren awooed

Mushroom filaments looking like a glowing cathedral. Manip using inverted colours. Just fooling around.
#photography #photomanipulation

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Ren awooed
Ren awooed

Also, I love this sketch, but I sincerely doubt there are many people who can accurately tell me what it is.

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Sketchbook tour!
Here are some ink and watercolor paintings I did a while back.

Ren awooed

This is my favorite kind of code project - it's sloppy and arcane but it does something cool, enjoy my infinite vector bird avatar generator:

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New unicorn bookmarks available on the shop ✨ (watercolor and ink, printed on glossy photo paper). Hope you'll like them ✨

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Pen stylus training for Miolek, my new assistant at work 😺

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A set of twins as an xmas gift. This painting was cut in half so each owner could have the art of their twin mailed to them. They will be made whole again when the two owners meet in person at a future date.

Each half is 4"x6". I really like doing these symmetrical cut-apart paintings. I'll post pics of the ready-to-mail cards later once I get them prepped.

#mastoart #watercolor #deer #flowers #gold #matope #zikwa

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Do you paint & have fun with
@krita? If you like, post your recent work with this wonderful open-source software in this thread :). #art #illustration #mastoart

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The advent calendars are listed!

Here's what's in one of the red ones; CW'd for spoiler in case you want to buy yourself one.

Yes, somehow this all fits in a flat-rate Priority box. *does magic*

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Ren awooed

Finished another piece of music!

I've been working on this one for a long while, and it's gone through eleven different iterations as I've erased progress and started over and over.

Ren awooed is coming up and i'm a vendor! My shops will have 20-50% off codes, i'll have open commissions and will be livestreaming!

You'll be able to view all the info at

#mastoart #creativetoot #smallbusiness #artist #sale #convention #virtualcon #couchcon

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