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I've made this account as a backup in case the worst happens. My main account is

horny thoughts 

Thinking about 𝔹𝕌𝕋𝕋𝕊 again :3c

re: horny thoughts 

and I mean a *very* close examination >:3

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horny thoughts 

thinking about how butts should get a close examination ;3

Suggestion: Donate to some indigenous charities today, and encourage others to do the same.

horny thoughts again 

thinking about butts again :3c

government abuse/exploitation of MH issues 

The FBI manipulated a man with mental health issues into becoming a "terrorist" and then arrested him so that they could spin it as a victory in the "war on terror".

re: cursed food idea 

And based on a quick googling, it seems tons of other people had the same idea and actually made it!

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cursed food idea 

Had an idea for a food pop into my head just now: spicy hot cheesecake

uspol, snark 

Headline: "Trump continues to deny election loss."

Oh look, it must be a time of day.

When ending a phone call, why does everyone say "mmm bye" instead of just "bye" or "goodbye" ?

"Two female pirates famed for leaving a stream of “looted treasure” and “treacherous ex-lovers” behind them have been commemorated with a new statue."

"The statue of Bonny and Read will be taken to Burgh Island, off the south Devon coast which saw pirates come and go for centuries, after Wednesday’s London preview."

"Artist Amanda Cotton, who worked alongside a team of sculptors, said: “The sculpture’s design is a metaphor for Bonny and Read's personality, fire and earth. Individually they are strong independent women but when Anne (fire) & Mary (earth) combine they are dangerously unstoppable."

mh [-+] 

Next time I get super depressed I need to remember that binaural beats are a thing and they can help.

I got this playing on a loop and it seems to help:

More autistic representation where we aren't jerks please

and also more neurodivergent people who aren't serial killers while we're at it

Anyone want to hang out on VRChat? I just signed in and will be on for the next few hours. My VRChat username is Zauberin

mh (-) 

I really hate being unable to vent about being depressed over a certain thing because my brain tells me that I'm being pathethic and/or manipulative if I vent about it

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