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Alright, gonna be moving my account over to so I don't lose contact with any of my friends.

Landlords: we provide housing and maintain it responsibly

Also landlords:

weather, swearing/caps 

The weather forecast for today is FUCK.

91f high temperature
99f heat index
95% humidity


Luddism was a working-class movement opposed to the political consequences of industrial capitalism. The Luddites wanted technology to be deployed in ways that made work more humane and gave workers more autonomy. The bosses, on the other hand, wanted to drive down costs and increase productivity.

open for a surprise 

leaps up and boops your nose :3

positive subtoot 

Gumby and Alexis good 💖



Sees that Bleach is trending on twitter

"Oh nooooo..."

Sees that it is because the bleach manga is coming back for a new story arc

"Oh nooooo..."

mh - 

today and the past couple of days I've been feeling tired and have very little energy or motivation.

Most likely it is due to a sleep deficit, caused by my cat always insisting on waking me up at around 5 in the morning >,<

From the Corange library's FAQ:

Q: How is that pronounced?
A: It rhymes with purple

uspol, caps 

I have a former friend (who I no longer associate with) who was a lot like trump in many ways. Just now I noticed another similarity between the two: an annoying tendency to use ALL CAPITALS to emphasize words in the middle of a sentence.

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