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Well, my standing desk converter arrived in the mail today. However, I have not set it up yet because I realized a problem: my monitor cables aren't long enough to rise up with the standing desk.

So, I'm going to look at figuring out a way to raise my computer tower up so that the monitor cables can reach

In US-occupied Hawaii's schools you learn nonsense like Hawaiians lived in mud huts before colonization. In fact, Hawaii already had electricity, mass transit, railroads, world's highest literacy rate & our capitol had electricity before the White House.

More on that:

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Anyone know of any LGBTQ+ discord servers for northern Indiana, or the Michiana area in general?

re: ph --- ? 

...and confirmed that my machine is affected by the recall @.@

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ph --- ? 

I really don't want to get cancer, but the CPAP machine I've been using for the past 2-3 years may have increased my risk >,<

safety recall on several BIPAP, CPAP, and mechanical ventilators 

Heads-up via on Twitter, who has further commentary: several breathing assist devices manufactured by Philips under various brandnames used a sound abatement foam material that can degrade and release carcinogenic compounds into the air the user is breathing.

The official recall page is and describes which devices are affected and the claims process.

weight loss hack 

Chewing gum can help to reduce your cravings for sweets.

Just gotta make sure its sugar free, though.

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And now I am getting one, my mother has just ordered it \o/

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weight loss + 

Might be getting an adjustible standing desk converter for my birthday :3

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Watching a thunderstorm does wonders for my mood ⛈️

Thunder! Lightning!

starts bouncing off the walls :D :D :D

Biden canceling 0.1% of student debt or donating 0.01% of needed vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago, acting like he's fixing everything.

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