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gonna leave this pinned here because i think this account is getting confused for my main quite a bit?

this is my backup, and my main is ❤️​

Take some cuddles and pass it on

i love my obs audio setup because my mic can't pickup my very loud keyboard unless i'm talking while typing, and typing is ignored by my noise gate so it will always be cutoff when i finish talking

new dialup express instance block (Sexual assault instance)

you might want to copy paste rather than type this out, the i is an l

hey I just wanna make sure I'm not having federation issues. I just posted "test post" from my other account. is anything going wrong with it? is my profile accessible?

kingdom hearts 

"one who knows nothing can understand nothing" -the creepy person wearing a black hoodie at the beginning of kingdom hearts 1 who just set the tone for the whole series


I can't stand online "debate"

I'm not here to argue about my views on things with folks. I'd much rather learn from others and educate folks on what I know and understand.

Sharing perspectives and learning from one another is so much better, nicer, and more respectful than these rigid ideas of "debate".

🚨 Emergency Fundraiser 🚨 (death, injury) 

My wife’s grandma was involved in a serious automobile accident weeks ago and has taken a turn for the worse, refusing treatment.

My wife and daughter, along with wife’s mom and three younger siblings, all went down to try to encourage grandma to recover or at least say goodbye.

Uncle was supposed to cover transportation but backed out part way and now they’re stuck 141 miles away from grandma.

Please Help

The Nowhere Islands were not, in fact, the world.
The four had learned their origins. They knew now who they were, and who they are.
And that made it so much more important to find the final needle before the masked man.
It made it so much more important to confront King Porky.
It made it so much more important to believe.

Fear and Loathing in new Pork: Mother 3 continues next.


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