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btw, if anyone wants to talk to me/ get to know me better, or simply have somebody to talk to, feel free to msg, and i'll do my best to respond as soon as i can

posting warm, beachy art in direct defiance of the frigid weather and 4:30 sunsets

furry art 

tf/lycanthropy, (sorta) joking 

mild gripe about UI updates 

undertale reference 

tf/lycanthropy, (sorta) joking 


Never mistake the ways trans furries and kin and pets reject humanity as us submitting to the transmissics who refuse to acknowledge our humanity

In that one action we take power & assert our
inhuman agency; we want nothing to do with your humanity that weaponizes itself for the sake of cruelty hey my pal is trying to get an ipad so he can keep his job (it's drawing) if anyone wants to buy art thatd be swell

to quote the greatest minds of today:
*assorted gekkering and barking*


the next time someone tries to feed you a line of bullhonkey that “old school trans don’t understand NB people,” remind them that the trans pride flag includes a white stripe as an explicit acknowledgment of NB people.

It was included at the suggestion of a 50 year old trans woman. In the year 2000.

"fursona" art, tail, nudity(sfw) 

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