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btw, if anyone wants to talk to me/ get to know me better, or simply have somebody to talk to, feel free to msg, and i'll do my best to respond as soon as i can

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hey, just so that it's clear, if i ever do something problematic, bigoted, bothersome, or anything else, please let me know. i promise i won't bite or overreact, and i really do want to better myself, so just message me, and i'll try and change my behavior to the best of my ability.

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Humans are born to be artists, scientists, artisans, and philosophers. Children love nothing more than creative expression, learning to understand things, making things with their hands, and asking deep questions.

But society teaches us not to do these things, training us instead to be “productive”. We’re sculpted to fit into a world obsessed with jobs, money, and ownership, and we’re forced to give up the most important parts of ourselves in order to do so – our creativity, and our curiosity.

i've relaunched my furaffinity account, so if you want, you can check out some of my art there, no account needed.

is uploading to deviantart really worth it? the submission policy seems kinda... bad?

i'm gonna be (re)launching my furaffinity and possibly a deviantart soon, but in the meantime, here's a new piece that i'm rather proud of

i'm considering having a place to upload my artwork for easy viewing, does anyone have any good suggestions? i tried furaffinity, but that went... not as well as i expected.

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is it just me, or do the 1.14 minecraft textures really look like they're copying the "soft, muted" look of the textures that are in mods for 1.10/1.12
(open for examples)

Oh yay!!! Earth gravity sucks ass, launching from the Moon makes a lot more sense

Also, SPACE I can be more excited in because it doesn't involve corps


We are going to the Moon — to stay.

We will build sustainable infrastructure to support missions to Mars and beyond. This is what we’re building. This is what we’re training for. We are going. #Moon2024


something i made over the weekend, experimenting again with different illustration techniques. sunsets are pretty, especially when combined with oceans.

something i made over the weekend, experimenting again with different illustration techniques. sunsets are pretty, especially when combined with oceans.

if you like portal 2 maps with highly creative ideas and pretty, outside-the-norm aesthetics, i strongly urge you check out kwinten's maps. in particular, "the concept of god" really, really stands out.

i recently tried ramune (default flavor), providing further evidence that sprite is one of, if not the worst citrus sodas in the world.

it is commonly assumed that cows can be simplified to a sphere. this is false. closer examination of cows indicate they are actually tori, that only appear to be spherical on first glance.

Tired: Escaping from the trappings of civilization to live a mythologized hunter-gatherer lifestyle in a lonely wilderness

Wired: Dropping out of the worst aspects of capitalist civilization by joining a self-sustaining intentional community on cultivated farmland.

Inspired: Rejecting the separation of "civilization" from "wilderness" as an inherently colonialist distinction and actively working to dissolve the border between the two.

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