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btw, if anyone wants to talk to me/ get to know me better, or simply have somebody to talk to, feel free to msg, and i'll do my best to respond as soon as i can

silly paleontology joke 

begging for help with vet bill (long) (OK to RT) 

the only good thing about the cybertruck is that it looks low-poly, while actually being low-poly (unlike a honda civic)

"discharge an additional 33 kilojoules into the target" sounds a lot cooler than "throw it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds"

Did you know that having a tail makes you 100% cooler?

weird experience, furry, sci-fi 

i just remembered tailsday is a thing. definitely makes this day of the week more enjoyable!


kinstuff, weather-adjacent 


steven universe thoughts (long) 

bird of prey, photo 

caterpillar video 

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