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introductions, my art 

Hi, i'm Lily! (ve/she/they)
I am:
*Fond of animals, space, video games, music and speculative fiction
*Closeted autistic demigirl, eagerly awating the chance to transition
*Otherkin, either a fox or otter, synthetic most of the time
*Budding visual artist, furries and science-fiction among my favorite topics, check out for easy access
*Dabbling in worldbuilding, may drop some tidbits in the form of writing from time to time

I'm generally open and eager to talk, so feel free to message me if you want!

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personal, otherkin 

for a while now, since summer actually, i have been feeling more and more resonant with lutrine forms. visualizing myself as an otter frequently brings a smile to my face, and it just feels so *right* and *comfortable*. so, i guess i can now safely say that i am indeed an otter! (don't worry, the fox aspect is still there!) [ask to boost]

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i've got a lot of art from over the past year or so, and it's frankly super disorganized, so i've decided to upload it into this thread.

Heya folks! I'm moving over from @catoxis, so please give this a boost so I can get my lists back in order and let people enjoy this slice of Cheshire madness~


request for technical assistance re: ActivityPub 

Does anyone know of a Windows application to open an ActivityPub archive? Poking around doesn't show any immediate results.

asking for $, boosts okay 

hello folks
i am a disabled queer animalperson and running rather low on funds. Any help folks can offer is much, much appreciated. much love 💙

ott patch notes:
increased default limb count by 2
added easy quadrupedal movement

so... it turns out i resonate strongly with tauric forms,,

chastity question 

Does active have any recommendations for affordable cages?

hello again, mh-tangential(+) (and Discord contact info) 

hey everyone.
this past month i've been feeling,, fairly stressed for a number of reasons, and i've more or less taken a short break from posting on Fedi.
that being said, i think i'm doing somewhat better now, and i'd definitely like to connect and talk more with folks on here, 'cause y'all seem like a wonderful bunch of creatures.
i do find Discord a bit less... overwhelming though, and it feels more comfortable to use for me, so if you'd ever like to talk with me, i'm WindyOrigami#7407 on there, and if you already know me there, feel free to strike up a convo and chat! n.n

If anyone in the Seattle area knows of any therapists (preferrably with knowledge in cPTSD) that are NOT at SCS, i can use any and all info you might have. I need all the help i can get x.x

advice/request for trans folk 

Hey so I've said this before and kinda want to repeat it every once in a while.

If you're new to being trans and to gender stuff in general, I strongly advise taking it easy with the hot takes for the first, oh, two years of being in community. This is 10x true when it comes to declaring what is and is not Problematic.

I know you've probably been thinking about gender like, all the time, and you have real strong reasons for having the opinions that you do. And that's fine! But there's so, so much nuance and cultural context that simply takes time to learn. Context -- both social and historical -- is really important for understanding a lot of things about the community. Likewise, nuance might seem hard to empathize with when you're struggling with just how fucking unfair society treats trans folks. For real though, it's something that takes time to develop and is absolutely necessary.

I say this with every bit of love that I can.


health, mh, genuine PSA 

Periodic reminder that I keep a health and anxiety journal and it is one of the best ideas I've ever had.

Every false COVID scare, every political anxiety, every weird ache and pain and heart flutter, it all goes in.

And I go back every so often to annotate it with the results. Page after page of "nothing happened... everything fine... Shemp did NOT apparently die in a ditch somewhere... no, it was NOT cholera."

It's unbelievably comforting, having objective evidence of all the times I was not, in point of fact, doomed. I just can't recommend it highly enough, especially these days.

Sometimes I like to imagine billboards under socialism.

Public service announcements, emergency numbers to call, offers of food and housing, reminders to take care of vulnerable members of society, dates for community meetings and social events...

It is a medium we have all come to despise, but is there a reason to believe it's not salvageable?

there is nothing bad or shameful or embarrassing about being autistic

asking for money 

Hello things have been rough lately
I'm running very low on funds. I don't typically need much, and any help is deeply appreciated 💙

venting, utilities stuff, very annoyed 

very frustrated at centurylink now

they advertise a 940 megabit symmetric plan for $65/mo, or 100 megabit symmetric for $50/mo, if i try to get it by their main website

but the apartment complex has a contract with them that apparently locks us into paying $80/mo if we want 1 gigabit symmetric, or $60/mo for 100/50


why the *fuck* can we not get the cheaper version of the same plan solely because the only apartment complex in the area with openings has some kind of deal with them

@bryn this is actually worth posting an excerpt now that i think about it

"aliens ate my homework", bruce coville, 1993

big fan of radical left-wing ideologies like "compassion" and "treating people with respect"

we would kind of like a good android hanafuda game for winding down

found one that works but there's no way to disable ads (not even a paid version) so we have to put the phone in airplane mode to play it

more magnetic connectors on tech please. these things are so good! no port wear too

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