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well, here's some code

i'm endlessly giggling at having a java package of 'pictures.cutefox'. there's so much struggle that went into just this small project,,

i can't believe i spent the _least_ amount of time on the gl rendering because i could defer most of it to buildcraft. the most time was spent on figuring out how to get the asset models to be not just read but _used_. christ

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NSFW furry art: gay knotting 

Commission for Weykent ( ) and ShockingsweetAD ( ). Looks like they tired themselves out!

i need to like
get back on mastodon oops. i keep forgetting how much more relaxing it is,

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Furry art, nude but basically SFW 

fops is soft, cuddlesome

(with @weykent art by fa:rokemi/

going to spend a year as a plush for tax purposes

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ugh deadname 

uhhhhhhhhh me, 2018: “i don’t really hate my given name, i just like this other one better.”

me, 2019, after a year of going by my preferred name: “wow two very specific syllables sure are exactly like sandpaper being used on my skin”

aaaaand that’s why doing something just because it feels nice is valid, good, positive, and important

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medical/mh resolution, + 

also realizing i haven't really posted a followup to some kinda worrying things from a month ago.. i've spent most of the month recovering while also traveling, so.

as far as i and anyone can tell it was some pretty bad migraines?? like there's nothing else to suspect haha. i'm doing so much better than i was.

i also caught bronchitis on the tail end of dealing with migraines, and that knocked me on my ass too, but after a few weeks of antibiotics my lungs have cleared out too.

i guess vegas is just bad for me? idfk

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-miming eating two burgers at once- "shmeckt gut?" ("tasty?")

ah, germans,

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unironically 100% sincerely the newest paramore album (after laughter) gives me life right now

re: shitposting, lyrics 

This revolution, Nately
Proves who you work for lately


Who do you work for, Nately?
And does it work for you lately?

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shitposting, lyrics 

fun trick: change song lyrics from "baby" to "nately" to give everything a catch-22 bent

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If anyone knows of a way to get fantasy colored contacts that are actually corrective, hit me up.

I wanna fox.


not entirely serious 

how do you insurance block

please,, i need more walls of sound like early silversun pickups or late hum

memory loss, brain damage, House MD spoilers 

there’s a whole episode of house where ~the mystery~ is that someone is intentionally fogging up their brain because they’re tired of it and i don’t even remember enough to rule that out, as unlikely as it may be. just. lots of anxiety and waiting.

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memory loss, brain damage 

like i just don’t know if i’m broken forever or not and the prognosis is Wait And See. tired of being stuck in my head with that.

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memory loss, brain damage 

it’s hard to not be alarmist about this but i’ve genuinely been lost since monday evening. there’s been a few moments of relative lucidity here and there. can’t hold complex thoughts. had migraines on and off for a couple weeks after years asymptomatic. there’s a stretch of 20 hours or so starting monday evening i don’t remember. went to the ER yesterday and the doctor isn’t concerned? but i am?

really wish i could think but it just. isn’t. engaging. like a bike with the hub broken. i can scoot along and others can push me but nothing is working.

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