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well, here's some code

i'm endlessly giggling at having a java package of 'pictures.cutefox'. there's so much struggle that went into just this small project,,

i can't believe i spent the _least_ amount of time on the gl rendering because i could defer most of it to buildcraft. the most time was spent on figuring out how to get the asset models to be not just read but _used_. christ

-miming eating two burgers at once- "shmeckt gut?" ("tasty?")

ah, germans,

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unironically 100% sincerely the newest paramore album (after laughter) gives me life right now

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If anyone knows of a way to get fantasy colored contacts that are actually corrective, hit me up.

I wanna fox.


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please,, i need more walls of sound like early silversun pickups or late hum

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An idea about furries and sapient animals that I always found adorable was painting claws.

im tired so who's going to pet me until i fall asleep

hi i had food poisoning since monday and i'm finally lucid again so i'm back

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as a fox i'm automatically registered as a therapy animal due to being 90% snuggleable soft floof

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my point in this thread was not to try to dissuade you from using Telegram or to offer some kind of alternative that's more secure (nothing is secure) but to let people know that the impression of being ultra secure that Telegram tries to give is entirely false

realized i've spent so long tinkering with different configurations of service orchestration tooling that i forgot what services i even needed to run

my external hard drive has been flagged as suspicious 2/2 times by the TSA. something about those thicc platters,,

somewhat related to last night.. hey @SuperCee how do you feel about paramore

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