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well, here's some code

i'm endlessly giggling at having a java package of 'pictures.cutefox'. there's so much struggle that went into just this small project,,

i can't believe i spent the _least_ amount of time on the gl rendering because i could defer most of it to buildcraft. the most time was spent on figuring out how to get the asset models to be not just read but _used_. christ

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Furry art, nude but basically SFW 

going to spend a year as a plush for tax purposes

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weykent awooed

ugh deadname 

medical/mh resolution, + 

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-miming eating two burgers at once- "shmeckt gut?" ("tasty?")

ah, germans,

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unironically 100% sincerely the newest paramore album (after laughter) gives me life right now

re: shitposting, lyrics 

shitposting, lyrics 

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If anyone knows of a way to get fantasy colored contacts that are actually corrective, hit me up.

I wanna fox.


not entirely serious 

please,, i need more walls of sound like early silversun pickups or late hum

memory loss, brain damage, House MD spoilers 

memory loss, brain damage 

memory loss, brain damage 

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An idea about furries and sapient animals that I always found adorable was painting claws.

im tired so who's going to pet me until i fall asleep

hi i had food poisoning since monday and i'm finally lucid again so i'm back

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