Violence implied 

Skipping stones across a pond that wasn't here yesterday as the sun draws the curtains closed and everything else is quiet

Running a pen over paper but instead of ink there are wind chimes and rustling leaves and the smell of the sky

Standing in a field and watching the stars come out to dance as the last cloud heads off to a dinner party that ended an hour ago

Sitting on a bus just as the rain begins to worry its way across the windows and the next stop isn't yours, but the one after that is

Sitting in a laundromat, watching the timer idly as the fluorescent lights above argue with each other for the hundredth time

Dropping a glass but instead of shattering it coalesces into a song you once heard someone humming in a diner at four in the morning

Wandering the misty shores of a place folded together from the pages of a book you wrote yourself and read aloud to a room full of plants and mirrors

Trying to listen to the voice of each snowflake as it drifts past the open window, transcribing as fast as possible, but never quite fast enough

d6, d8, d6 to the left
d20, d10, d8 to the right
d12, d20 in front
d4 in front again
seems to do the trick

Real "stacking polyhedrons into pillars to tune in to the station between the static" hours, who up?

Gargron, a cis male who writes the software and is known to be arrogant and self-admittedly closed-minded to ideas he didn't make

Versus noelle, *basically* the only moderator of, an unemployed trans woman, the backbone of keeping (and greater mastodon by extension) safe

I'm sorry this just doesn't seem very fair to me

selfie, eye contact 

Dark social media thoughts 

Dark social media thoughts 

the sound of a small bell
submerged in clouds

tiny stones
aligned, attuned
patterns garnered
through careful love

May kind words find their way to you from all of us that care so much, love and strength and kindness, now and always.


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