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PSA: we suspended pawoo due to constant botspam, sorry for the inconvenience

congratulations to our comrades at for their one year anniversary <3 keep on rocking it @sky and the rest of the team!

also happy one year anniversary to !!! thank you everyone!!!

Here comes a quick PSA:

Little known (and all glitchsoc instances!) fact: You can automatically expand the CW field on every new toot you make! And here's how to enable that:

1. Click on the "App Settings" box!
2. Click "Compose box", and enable "Always enable the Content Warning field".
3. Profit! It's now always there! (You may have to reload your web-app.)

hateful instance name, v.c instance block notification 

We've blocked in solidarity with our comrades at due to the hate spewing forth from it.

Fuck Nazis. Queer liberation forever.

instance block notification:

We've preemptively blocked and from federating with our instance.

I could write a pithy speech here about why it's important to protect our users from the harassment that's sure to be spewing from that site, but really, I think I'll just be succint:

Fuck off, Nazis.

- with love and :fox:, @tastymochafox

@everyone: thank you for your assistance in reporting The Spammer. We're clicking “suspend” as fast as we can until we can get a technical solution in place. New accounts currently require approval, so they won’t be spamming from v.c any time soon.

:trans_heart:​, @mxsparks

New custom emoji:
:girlpower:​ girlpower
:girlpower_white:​ girlpower_white
:girlpower_black:​ girlpower_black
Thanks to @backwardsflow for commissioning them!

:heart_trans:​, :transistor:

We accidentally didn't suspend correctly previously, so now it's actually suspended.

- @tastymochafox

Thank you for continuing to report spambots on sight, foxes and friends! You're helping us keep the whole community safe <3

- s

Instance block announcement:

Effective immediately, we will be defederating with (Purism's Mastodon fork) due to an explicitly stated intent to not enforce a code of conduct compatible with's rules.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have concerns, our inboxes are always open.[1]

Thanks for being awesome, foxes. Keep rocking on out there.

[1] our == [ @tastymochafox, @mxsparks ]

⚠️ policy announcement - please re-boost ⚠️ is changing its age policy -- we will be raising the minimum age for service from 13 to 18.

Read our official policy update here:

Please contact @mxsparks and @tastymochafox if you have any concerns or questions. We are happy to help you migrate your data to the full extent possible. <3

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⚠️ policy announcement - please re-boost ⚠️ is changing its age policy -- we will be raising the minimum age for service from 13 to 18.

Read our official policy update here:

moderation update: we no longer federate with or The former’s CoC bans “homosexual conduct (figuratively and literally),” i.e. about 80% of all v.c activity. The latter’s admin is mass-following people without regard to , and our CoC does state that “Follow bots will be blocked on sight.”

:trans_heart:​, @mxsparks (cc: @tastymochafox )

federation update: now rejecting media from because it doesn’t enforce CWs on NSFW content.

cc: @mxsparks @tastymochafox

meta: Suspended due to harassment by an instance admin and its general lack of a CoC. (Also, that domain name? Seriously?)

federation update:

- now rejecting media files from since its CoC allows content that isn’t legal where is located

- now silencing after noticing an instance admin being a jerk to strangers

as always, see for the full list

cc: @mxsparks @tastymochafox

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