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meta: Suspended due to ongoing conduct by their instance admin that violates our CoC.

moderation note:

Silenced after its admin started being a jerk to our users.

cc: @mxsparks @tastymochafox

moderation note:

Suspended after its admin, “Officer John Terf,” a self-styled “white nazi knight of the fediverse” started being a jerk to our users.

cc: @mxsparks @tastymochafox

meta / instance blocks:

Silenced and rejected media from due to the volume of reported activity coming from users on that instance.

cc: @mxsparks @tastymochafox

meta / instance block:

Suspended, a gleefully transmisic single-user instance.

v.c admin: instance blocks 

has suspended 2 instances: is a successor to, a domain that was suspended for violating its *DNS registrar’s* terms of service. is an explicit hate instance with an admin who is either an actual Nazi or enjoys joking about being one.

cc: @mxsparks @tastymochafox

#VulpineClub meta / instance block 

Suspended for reasons stated in their own domain name. BRB, finding their registrar’s abuse contact...

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