suspended for being yet another alex gleason(read TERF) instance.

Would recommend doing the same

going to deploy a quick update to the server

please stand by!

just a quick reminder ... please CW your covid-19 / social distancing / political / isolation etc posts

this will let folks take breaks by filtering out keywords

thanks <3

Going to do a software upgrade in a few moments. will be down for a minute or two.

v.c is still kinda sick after this morning's troubles

I'll give it another as soon as I get home.

thanks for your patience <3

sorry for the downtime... the filesystem filled up which took the site down

we're back for right now, although we still need to brew some coffee and fix the root cause

we're currently experiencing some performance sluggishness

this is being worked on with our service provider

we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for flying the foxy skies <3

for a brief time, licks became favourites, rawrs became toots, and elephant friend replaced fox friend

we apologize for the dissonance

I'm doing some work on the web server configuration. There will be a few brief (<1 minute) outages while this happens.

Thanks for your patience, and thank you for flying the foxy skies~


Compared to when the instance was silenced, there are now a lot more social connections (and less jerkitude) between their users and ours.

Attn :

The recent issue with avatars and background pics going missing should be resolved within the next 12 hours or so

a couple weeks ago, an upstream change fixed two things but broke one thing

today, we find the new bug has been vanquished, and profile pictures are being refreshed in the background

for more info, see tootsuite/mastodon:12849

we're back! thanks for your patience :)

(nothing new and interesting, just a bunch of version updates...)

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When this post is 10 minutes old, will go offline for a couple minutes for an upgrade to prod-20200102-01, and a server reboot for a kernel upgrade.

moderation announcement:

We've taken on @violet as a moderator to help us handle the report queue and otherwise assist the foxes.

Thank you for volunteering!

PSA: we suspended pawoo due to constant botspam, sorry for the inconvenience

congratulations to our comrades at for their one year anniversary <3 keep on rocking it @sky and the rest of the team!

also happy one year anniversary to !!! thank you everyone!!!

Here comes a quick PSA:

Little known (and all glitchsoc instances!) fact: You can automatically expand the CW field on every new toot you make! And here's how to enable that:

1. Click on the "App Settings" box!
2. Click "Compose box", and enable "Always enable the Content Warning field".
3. Profit! It's now always there! (You may have to reload your web-app.)

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