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I haven't used a mastodon account in over a year, so I'll try to start making some uses of this one! Just getting settled first.

I have been fighting with invasive thoughts, fears, and self-esteem. It's never easy.

The people who comppliment me in a relevantly sincere manner and ease my particular worries mean the world to me but may not be aware how they affect me.

Please remember your own mental health. It's okay to ask for help too.

I've not been on social media for a week or two. It's been nice.

Here is a CharaSelect Icon I did for Lunadook on Twitter!!!

I've been lying in bed for an hour. I should get up now. They want me at work early today.

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I am awake with around 5 hours of sleep and a pain in my chest.

Good morning! Gonna organize some things today and take it easy before work.

Thinking about space, Avali, and being accepted and loved for my individuality. It's somewhat attainable perhaps.

Fluffy space dragon can always use more nature.

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This is the little birthday sketch gift I got from Zephra this weekend. I am very happy with something simple from them. <3


I made a list of various thoughts. I'll think on it for a day or two perhaps.

I'm home! Brought a bat home with me! c:

I'm about to make the drive to Minneapolis. I'll be occupied for more than a few hours.

partners, birthday 

All I can think about is two of my partners meeting and having ramen with me over my birthday weekend.

The way I snuggle in bed is curled up in a ball.

Exceedingly not tired yet, and excited to go pick up Madeline tomorrow by Minneapolis.

"i'll take quotable quotes for 800, alex"

trebek turns to the board, indicating the last remaining square in that category

the clue comes up: "a miserable little pile of secrets"

dracula's hand slams down on the button. this is his moment to shine

Too fluffy to find in all that fluff~
All that fluff inside them jeans~

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