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I haven't used a mastodon account in over a year, so I'll try to start making some uses of this one! Just getting settled first.

Hi hi! I'm not working for a couple more hours. Podcast time, and file cleanup!

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I don't have an ebook to read right now. And no light to read Temeraire by in bed. Noooo...

Installed a different masto mobile app, but... it doesn't have much customization. It works well for a single instance and my follows alright, but that's it.

I was so tired last night, I fell asleep in the middle of the Super Metroid GDQ run, and so I actually woke up a few hours ago. I'm not used to waking up early. aaaa

There's a ton of snow, so I had to go shovel around my car, so it will melt and I can get off the street tomorrow. I'll use doggo's car today, and it should be fine.

Good morning! Hope you've had a good weekend. ^^

Hey, I know I've not been around on here a lot. I hope you have been well! <3

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I've been a bit busy. Hope you all have been doing okay! <3

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Good morning! Breakfast time and cleaning time. I wanna get my area cleaned up so I can focus better at my desk.

dear everyone without a Nintendo Switch:

i was today years old when I found out Katamari Damacy REROLL also released for PC

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Someone called out of work, so I'm gonna go cover the end of a double shift for someone when I get back home.

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I talked about my feelings tonight from summer and it went okay.

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