twitter suspended my account and suspends every single new one I create so I guesss I HAVE to use mastodon now. even tho mastodon is kinda boring........

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@vixie welcome, former Twitter user!

same kinda shit happened to me

@rey oh wow, sorry to hear that. I really hate twitter....


@vixie I refused to take down my "trebuchet TERFs" post and they lost a supplier of content

it's a win now

re: birdsite 

@rey They didn't even name me one reason for any of my 4 account's suspensions

re: birdsite 

@vixie ooof that's annoying

only thing I really miss from there is the ability to get actual customer service from corporations, which is kinda dystopian tbh but here we are

re: birdsite 

@rey I just miss the memes, the many people, the much activity,,

re: birdsite 

@vixie yeah, not many followed me from there when I left, which was... kinda disappointing but unsurprising

FYI if you want some top peer-reviewed memes, on TG is a good channel

re: birdsite 

@rey at least some old friends are here, but they're not very active...

ah I see this is run by pandoras foxxo, maybe not, I remember them posting some bigoted shit in the past and they were rude to me and other people. I rather want the funny stuff in the timeline again which everyone retweets :/

re: birdsite 

@vixie nods

I also try to boost Good Content from Good People, so feel free to check out the bios of those folks

mostly we're a bunch of leftist trans furries posting about life

re: birdsite 

@rey hell yes gonna check that out for sure!

well "leftist trans furries" is just what I am as well lol

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