afab assigned fantastic and bootylicious

implied ejaculate/semen/cum 

me when I'm done with you

weed, bong 

just accidentally did a really cool trick!

Fuck Jira, not convinced anyone at atlassian has ever used Jira, and what the fuck is a story point
no one calls anything story points
no one calls anything epics
there's no functional difference between an epic and a feature, there are just products, and you add things to those products, and sometimes you maintain those products.
suck it up UX designers and fucking label things
and god
maybe make your fucking product render more then 10fps in a browser on a gaming computer

the golden rule of software design: if Jira does it, do not even consider doing it.

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@Kat Hi someone showed me this post and I had to make an account just to say that this is my car! I've added a few more stickers since this post but here's one of me posing in fursuit with it

twitter suspended my account and suspends every single new one I create so I guesss I HAVE to use mastodon now. even tho mastodon is kinda boring........

And here's the NSFW edit of that latest commission. 

Art by the Incredible Sunny_Way

Looks like I forgot to pack my wetsuit, but that's not going to stop me absolutely shredding the waves!

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