"The Air France app had an issue with testing in production today..."

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finally got the ascii term set back up. switched from lite to ubuntu. feel like a dummy: com1 was off in bios AND i had the cable wrong, need a null but just used the aux port on the term as it's wired crossover lol

good stuff

wish there were better, more ascii-friendly cli clients for masodon

Used a food courier for the first time today. Non-horrible experience

sona drafting 

ms paint's pencil tool is so nice

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deceit from the NYT

vaccines work!!

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One of these is not like the other.

To say I am bothered by the @nytimes@twitter.com infographic put out yesterday regarding Omicron’s toll is an understatement. Especially when you compare it to the infographics (second and third image) from NYC’s website showing cases versus deaths.

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bloodwork for hrt today... soon
dr's appt after that is on 1/2, REAL soon

uncomfortable about the idea of having to pay for hrt but the doctor did mention it :/

need to be more attentive to colouration in foxes i think

if i add boobs to anything it's projection dont get me wrong. but also i need to

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re: art / we are conceptualising fox 2nite 

switched to edge from paint but the 8 bit layers might make me switch again idk. it's a good program though *chefs kiss*

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art / we are conceptualising fox 2nite 

it's been so long since i've drawn anything but anime girls. help

not denying that the best way to use tumblr is through RSS feeds

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