*slaps roof of a tube* this bad boy can fit so many fluoride toothpastes in it

re: uspol 

instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

In Need of Money :boost_ok:​ 

47 (livethread on a probably very bad movie) 

What if instead of being a graphical emoji, it's a sound you can post that appears inline with text, but you hear it when you try to read it?
... Maybe I should've gone back to sleep earlier.

The Culture ship, 😊 What if we kissed in an old meme format? 😊

Dragon Class Cruisers are for space parties, not for war. T_T ~ Discovery Feels.

uspol(because where else could it go?) 

@mal I was going to say that being a republican in the US is probably a bad thing by most measures.

Hmmm, Ironic.Republican would go over poorly in the fediverse I think

Also why the fuck is .republican a tld?

@V don't talk to my girlfriend, or my girlfriend's girlfriend, or my girlfriend's girlfriend's girlfriend ever again

subtooting blurhash 

subtooting fedilab 

When will a Star Trek have an enemy they shitpost through to victory. Just think about the great lines that could be had, the merger of technobabble and low effort memes.
It'd be great!

Hot Star Trek take 

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