A boson but it's both quadratic and it works on ships(only on ships)

re: sex toy question 

@SuperGideon @Breakfast convinced that's just not something that happened and it was him forcing some other religion out(as was the fashion at the time)

@Breakfast @SuperGideon The english pit viper is mostly rhetorical, but that hasn't stopped it from existing anyway

:drakedislike: Mandarin
:drakedislike: :drake_dislike:​ Still english
:drakedislike: :drake_dislike:​ french again
:drake_dislike::drake_dislike::drake_dislike:​ Latin
:drake_dislike::drake_dislike::drake_dislike::drake_dislike::drake_dislike::drake_dislike::drake_dislike::drake_dislike:​ Welsh
:drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like::drake_like:​ Haskell mixed uniformly with javascript and english + smidge of mandarin

There are two cameras on our lappy, why does it not let us use both?

sex toy question 

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