like this for us to schedule a toot calling you gay try be posted sometime during the next week.

the best thing about technical debt is that you can do everything right and do your best and it'll still catch up to you eventually.

The ideal social network will have 83 visibility settings, 79 of which will require advanced understanding of graph theory to use properly.

For those who can't cook the kitchenware section is riddled with mysteries


it's pretty good, nice and strong and also somehow pretty relaxing, especially for a sativa.

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*Thinks about symbol resolution overhead on windows*

@MadestMadness The post has somewhat terrifying energy overall.

And we missed that one

@MadestMadness Ah, well we don't have as much to say nowadays because we don't have access to one right now

@MadestMadness We used to run the 3d printing lab at our college. We can try to answer questions if u like?

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