does anyone remember yikyak, that poor social media platform that immediately died as soon as venture capital found its way to it

We forgot how flat the project structure hierarchies are in .net(not the actual namespaces, usually, just the filesystem)


Actually this just looks like a choice that the developers made, instead of nesting folders they just did stuff like MediaController.Models in the project root.

@garfiald whatever harmful ideology that the person claiming it subscribes to?

"Garfield can't be a fascist, because I'm a fascist"

@FirstProgenitor the ebb and flow of this on the fediverse is always so weird and it sucks to see people suddenly start blowing up en masse.

@compufox we saw some people complaining about it, though, they might've been complaining about it being used as a config file.

Which, to be fair, is a weird choice, but given it's fault tolerance, we can see why it might've been chosen :p

Nicer than postgresql to use and written for a scale that makes sense to us, rather than an enterprise that wants to service 100000000 quintillion users at once

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No matter how much people hate sqlite, we still love it :)

@vy we did think of another thing, that the aspect ratio of the object in question is probably key.

If it's around twice as long as it is tall, like an audio cassette, then we'd call it a cassette rather than a cartridge.

@vy Well, then, if we understand you right, then it's about what the little machine presents itself as. Is it primarily interchangable storage or something that is meant to have a specific thing on it?

Is it a cartridge that will contain data that you'll be swapping out once full or is it a cassette that will be used repeatedly for a specific set such as music or what-have-you.

But then, at higher levels of abstraction even these distinctions would become meaningless and the words would tend towards either interchangeability or perhaps be affected by aesthetic associations that we can't really yet predict.

imo cassettes should have tapes in them and have mechanical connections, cartridges have electrical contacts??

does that make any sense to you?

@cdmnky It'll still not add that much compared to basically any of the real wastes of electricity like nighttime lighting.

people complaining about wireless charging like it adds a terawatt to the consumption of the phone, and provides a somewhat more forgiving way to charge the phone that doesn't break when you step on the charging cord when it's plugged in.

we forgot how the cutscenes in newer pokemon games aren't skippable

@FirstProgenitor @SeanAloysiusOBrien
4kids: hell is real and you can be sent there by losing in a children's card game

Spacebat awooed

you: considered, well thought out constructive criticism of the xmpp protocol

me: xm peepee lol

@FirstProgenitor yami is just yugi's headmate and is just Happy and gay with nobody else but Yugi, except of course when he can smite some bitches

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