My family and I need to get out of Oklahoma. The amount of transphobia here is frightening, and the laws for trans people seem to get worse and worse.

Help a trans family escape to somewhere safe with a support network?


Oklahoma has passed some of the worst anti-abortion laws in the country. Oh and Roe vs. Wade is overturned. So another good reason to abscond pronto.


just panic 

@Elizafox haha, is the sodomy law still on the books here?

Because that's a timer counting down.

just panic 

@violet 🙃

I doubt they'll enforce it but... yeah.

re: just panic 

@Elizafox They will once it goes to court.

Once that happens we probably shouldn't even come back for our stuff

just panic 

@violet Even in the 80's it was rarely enforced. The last conviction was in like 1984 and it was overturned.

re: just panic 

@Elizafox Real big comfort, we bet people rarely died of zyklon b before it was found convenient, which is what this will be for them.

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