looking for software development work :boost_requested:​ 

Hey, I am looking for software developer work. I am familiar with C, C++, Java, and many other languages, but I learn quickly, and can probably learn the language you use.

I'm fairly experienced in modeling relational databases, working with Qt, Sqlite, Postgres, and SQL Server, SDL, and SFML. My specialty is Linux but I can target just about any POSIX-compliant platform, or Windows, and I aim to write portable code.

I've worked on Plume, a Fediverse blogging platform, Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead, a roguelike game, sqlite_modern_cpp(a c++ abstraction wrapper for sqlite), MuaLu(A lua based muck engine), and more.

I've dabbled in assembly and lower level coding, and would not be adverse to picking it up to work.

I am based in the US, specifically Tulsa.

I am available for contract work or remote work, though I am currently caring for someone who is disabled so I have to be remote, or at least have minimal office days.

You can get in touch with me via DM or through email through

looking for software development work :boost_requested:​ 

@violet Stack Overflow has a section about jobs.

I think with your developer history you should be able to find something quickly! Good luck!

looking for software development work :boost_requested:​ 

@violet may I ask for the languages you are comfortable with and the city you' like to work from?
I might Know places in Germany, Austria and Italy.

looking for software development work :boost_requested: 

@Konfusius I'm basically monolingual, english.

as for places in Europe, I've never thought about that :blobcatthink:

re: looking for software development work :boost_requested:​ 

@violet Did you ever find a job this way?

re: looking for software development work :boost_requested: 

@Agris no, but it felt like an avenue worth trying :)

it's not like it's the only place I'm looking for a job

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