in relation to all the different gender memes 

It's wonderful that people can have such expansive experiences with their gender identity, and those that do absolutely should have whatever fun they feel like teasing the word gender into new, confusing, or just funny situations.
Our Gender is barely worth noting. We're a girl, and so much of what we do isn't unique to being a girl.
It's good being a girl.
It makes us happier than what we were before.

It's also valid too not feel so included with those jokes, where gender is this all sprawling complex over your identity(we do make those jokes though)
For us, it feels the other way around, identity is so connected to our gender and there's so much more there beyond that glowing little pocket of gay that focusing just on that feels wrong.
So, all these words to say, it's valid to not have gigantic takes or essays to write about your gender.
The whole of you is a no less fertile ground for discovery of who and what you are.

re: in relation to all the different gender memes 

Hmm... this isn't really right on reflection and additional exploration. We're a demigirl. And what the distinctions are between us and some false platonic feminine ideal are very large and numerous, but we don't really know where those differences lie until we run into them face first.

We can't really enumerate the differences either, so we couldn't talk about it at length even if we wanted to. idk

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