sometimes I wish that computer science followed an apprenticeship model where a wiser mentor teaches you best practises. actually useful things like "here is how you run an open source project without being an ass" or "here is how to clean the scroll wheel of your mouse"

@SuricrasiaOnline "I woke up at 5:00AM and disassembled the keyboards for cleaning again. It's a pain, but how else am I supposed to be allowed to learn how to mangle C into forms worthy of appreciation."

@violet "The trader shifted from side to side nervously. They said something about their papers. My mentor was standing behind the counter, her arms crossed. 'It'll be done processing when it is done processing.' she said firmly. The trader mumbled something about volume and volatility and prices and shorting and timing. My mentor stood strong. 'There are more important things on the queue than your money making schemes. We will call when it is done. Now go.'"


@SuricrasiaOnline We were thinking of how unpleasant it could be, but then the mentor was adamant in delivering quality and we almost swooned.

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