Discourse of the day, RMS, absurdities 

In order to demonstrate our solidarity with those who disapprove with the positions, views and antics of the flower raping, toejam eating, child rape apologist Richard "Rape Me Senpai" Stallman, KItsunet shall now make the following assertions:

  • That using GNU/Hurd is being complicit in child trafficking, unless using it in a VM safely sandboxed at least 100 meters from any children, for the purposes of evidence gathering leading to a conviction
  • That GNU/Hurd shall now be called PedOS
  • That software licensed under the GNU Public License should be re-licensed under the equivalent but not RMS connected "Good Person License" (GPL)
  • That using an OS with a GNU userspace is being complicit
  • That linking to GNU libraries is being complicit
  • That connecting to servers engaged in the above is being complicit

Recommendations for alternative OSes to use to keep children safe will follow in the next post.


re: Discourse of the day, RMS, absurdities 

@alynna ... Hasn't the GNU foundation's leaders, including the Hurd maintainer motioned for RMS to be removed from participation in the GNU projects?

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