all about otherkin (ok to RT) 

If you're new to the idea of #otherkin, or feel unsure of what it's about, I've made some friendly resources. Here's a short intro to us:

Then have fun reading this comic about otherkin and therianthropes:

When you already know the basics about them, browse through this library of books I've written that cover nearly every imaginable topic about them: their history, jargon, and links to writings about otherkin and therians by over 500 other authors than myself:

survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 

One more thing: if you yourself identify as #otherkin, #alterhuman, #fictionkin, #therianthrope, or #nonhuman, then you can take Emmet's survey about how that identity interacts with your gender, whether you're trans or not. The survey's open til July 1, 2019:

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survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 

Would you consider linking to the survey directly from here too?

survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 


Sure, Emmet's survey about gender for all kinds of otherkin, alterhumans, etc is at this direct link:

And the further info about Emmet's survey is at this post:

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