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bad bizarre obscure programming nonsense 

Man, bad take bot is really saturating the market of bad political takes.

This just happened outside the kitchen where we were lisping on our laptop. :3

Bears are kinda funny animals.

Programming hot take 

the Real Christian Experience of growing up and learning that amab people actually DO have as many ribs as afab people, and your church just lied to you about how many bones you have

Til that Lucy is a dirty neolib who loves voting problems away o.o

So, hop into your sbcl, and run (defconstant pi 'balls)

re: common lisp nonsense 

Ooh, just remembered how our bot that we wrote understood enough grammar to enhance the generation of sentences.... It didn't learn that from us of course :3

CNF? No thanks. We'd prefer horn clauses if we need to wrangle things of that sort.

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