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Since it's about damn time that we redo our introduction:
Hi, we're Violet. We're a bat/fox(either or) from the lower northeast, generally doing a lot of programming or shitposting, musing about our life, getting far too angry about things we largely can't do much about...

We're a queer trans woman, plural, and an utter disaster, so, :)

Uh, yeah, we're still not better at this after a year of using fedi but not writing an introduction since the beginning.

Feel free to say hi, we don't bite x3

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in relation to all the different gender memes 

It's wonderful that people can have such expansive experiences with their gender identity, and those that do absolutely should have whatever fun they feel like teasing the word gender into new, confusing, or just funny situations.
Our Gender is barely worth noting. We're a girl, and so much of what we do isn't unique to being a girl.
It's good being a girl.
It makes us happier than what we were before.

It's also valid too not feel so included with those jokes, where gender is this all sprawling complex over your identity(we do make those jokes though)
For us, it feels the other way around, identity is so connected to our gender and there's so much more there beyond that glowing little pocket of gay that focusing just on that feels wrong.
So, all these words to say, it's valid to not have gigantic takes or essays to write about your gender.
The whole of you is a no less fertile ground for discovery of who and what you are.

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bad bizarre obscure programming nonsense 

I drink from my mug with the international MUF standards association logo on it. Boot up my laptop with a witty MUF snippet on it and crack my hands, "Time to write code that will make my life bad three hours later when the user I hate finds a bug in it and then starts to mansplain at me about some problem in my code."

I log into mudlet and potato and start the fun of balancing doing bad ero-RP, and coding. A notification dings and I see that that code already broke, and I wonder why I don't have that person blocked.
"Hexyyyy!" They say. My staff alt being called Hexaferrum, this makes sense.

They found another problem in the awful slot machine that the game owner had me create as a first project. I grimace, seeing that it's the same fucking problem that I declared fixed a while back. Realizing what had gone wrong, I type in a few lines followed by an announcement that the slot machine is gone because I could not be bothered to care about this creakily broken code. That everything that it had once done had already been placed in more useful and better interfaces which make more sense.

hmm, riker(the rust library) looks very interesting

If I see another take from people who don’t understand security saying “omg employees at twitter should not have access to user’s accounts!!! This is a huge security problem!!” I’m gonna kill myself. Someone’s gotta have root at some point, you can abstract all you want but at some point, someone’s gotta have root. Of course the companies you give your data to have human employees who have the power to access and modify that data. What the fuck did you expect exactly

what if RuneScape just let you be like,,, a 🐈?

bodily fluids,,, 

our cum may have had appreciable, viable dna once

heterosexuality? but then we'd need to remember two things, who's the wife and who's the husband.
too complicated tbh

concatenating md1,md2,md3, md4, and md5 for an unbreakable hash

given two hash functions, A and B
is it possible to ensure that any collisions on A are different than the set of collisions on B?

Basically, zipper merges are just a form of lockless parallelism irl, which is why nobody can do them properly.

programming opinions 

One of the things that keeps webdev originating shit bad is that they assume zero cost to dependencies.

JSON, at least one more dependency, can really raise the cognitive load for what would otherwise be a small project.

Dependencies are something you generally want to minimize, but javascript has such an... odd standard library that you need a bunch and treat them like you would the standard.

The similarity between that kinda thing and Rust's package management is one of our primary complaints about the language's ecosystem because there's so much overhead in building stuff with it.

It's not free in javascript either, but,,,, we imagine you can see the results quite plainly there.

Is ruby more along the python ideology of language design, or perl?

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