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looking for software development work :boost_requested:​ 

Hey, I am looking for software developer work. I am familiar with C, C++, Java, and many other languages, but I learn quickly, and can probably learn the language you use.

I'm fairly experienced in modeling relational databases, working with Qt, Sqlite, Postgres, and SQL Server, SDL, and SFML. My specialty is Linux but I can target just about any POSIX-compliant platform, or Windows, and I aim to write portable code.

I've worked on Plume, a Fediverse blogging platform, Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead, a roguelike game, sqlite_modern_cpp(a c++ abstraction wrapper for sqlite), MuaLu(A lua based muck engine), and more.

I've dabbled in assembly and lower level coding, and would not be adverse to picking it up to work.

I am based in the US, specifically Tulsa.

I am available for contract work or remote work, though I am currently caring for someone who is disabled so I have to be remote, or at least have minimal office days.

You can get in touch with me via DM or through email through

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Since it's about damn time that we redo our introduction:
Hi, we're Violet. We're a bat/fox(either or) from the lower northeast, generally doing a lot of programming or shitposting, musing about our life, getting far too angry about things we largely can't do much about...

We're a queer trans woman, plural, and an utter disaster, so, :)

Uh, yeah, we're still not better at this after a year of using fedi but not writing an introduction since the beginning.

Feel free to say hi, we don't bite x3

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bad bizarre obscure programming nonsense 

I drink from my mug with the international MUF standards association logo on it. Boot up my laptop with a witty MUF snippet on it and crack my hands, "Time to write code that will make my life bad three hours later when the user I hate finds a bug in it and then starts to mansplain at me about some problem in my code."

I log into mudlet and potato and start the fun of balancing doing bad ero-RP, and coding. A notification dings and I see that that code already broke, and I wonder why I don't have that person blocked.
"Hexyyyy!" They say. My staff alt being called Hexaferrum, this makes sense.

They found another problem in the awful slot machine that the game owner had me create as a first project. I grimace, seeing that it's the same fucking problem that I declared fixed a while back. Realizing what had gone wrong, I type in a few lines followed by an announcement that the slot machine is gone because I could not be bothered to care about this creakily broken code. That everything that it had once done had already been placed in more useful and better interfaces which make more sense.

After an hour and a half washing dishes by hand, we feel awful and tense.

weird dream 

I had a dream Violet got killed in a car wreck after dropping Alex off from work. Alex and I were holding hir urn on the bed sobbing and I was wondering how I could even live without hir. I built a shelf above our bed and put hir urn and a picture of hir on it.

Woke up sobbing.

Okay now this is the weird part.

Went back to sleep. Had a weird dream Violet was alive again... setting up a Tesla coil in the living room. I looked at hir "what the fuck you're DEAD. I have your ashes on a shelf." All sie said was "oh yeah, I got better." Of course naturally my response was "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET BETTER FROM BEING DEAD ASSHOLE???" Sie sorta shrugged and then I looked at the Tesla coil. I asked Violet where sie got it and sie told me "eBay, got a good deal. But it didn't have a power cord so I got an AmazonBasics Tesla coil power cord off Amazon." I just sorta blinked twice because at this point I was really confused. I looked at Alex and she just shrugged.


elly is gonna grill

and we've even got a couple of beyond burgers to try out

can't wait :3

get you a girl who, if you falter in the deep places below the earth, will grab you by the throat and whisper that you needn't fear the dark, because you are with her, and she is what the dark is afraid of

lewd, electrostim, really dangerous looking 

anyway, this thing stings a hell of a lot

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lewd, electrostim, really dangerous looking 

we call it the punisher

we feel very well utilized lately, and that feels very nice

we wonder how it would feel to write a build system in prolog

we bet it would be pretty okay :3

remembering that time we dug up am ancient c++ sound synth library to find out what spirals sound like.

they sounded like spirals to us :3

How does someone pivot from detestable marketing to a different career?

Somehow it feels amazing that our background check came back with nothing in it.

There shouldn't be anything in it, but still, feels weird seeing the results.

Like, you paid for all these results that are "No records found" and this is considered best practice while hiring.

Like,,, this is a waste of money and obviously makes many people's lives harder, so why fucking bother?

Sailing the seven seas in a 69 hull submarine

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