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Since it's about damn time that we redo our introduction:
Hi, we're Violet. We're a bat/fox(either or) from the lower northeast, generally doing a lot of programming or shitposting, musing about our life, getting far too angry about things we largely can't do much about...

We're a queer trans woman, plural, and an utter disaster, so, :)

Uh, yeah, we're still not better at this after a year of using fedi but not writing an introduction since the beginning.

Feel free to say hi, we don't bite x3

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in relation to all the different gender memes 

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bad bizarre obscure programming nonsense 

roses awoo
violets awoo
awoo awoo


when will unicode add laundry care symbols I need them


It's very... interesting... how suddenly it's impossible to drag and drop things from nautilus. Maybe it's finally time to get out of the gnome ecosystem once and for all.

software nonse 

Hmm... where should a user-specific database go in the xdg directory structure?

Like, it's a big one so we're not sure that .config is a good place for it.

the best part about the bleach anime was just how much shittier and shittier it got with time

Unix is haunted by the spectre of communism (let's make the haunting worse)

Last night I had a dream that I called the cops on my ex-husband because he wouldn't leave my basement, which is weird, because I have neither an ex-husband, nor a basement.
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