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bad bizarre obscure programming nonsense 

"If you want to feel not like crap, complete your transition"

... Is "What we do in the shadows" pro-trans?

We're probably never gonna get the Muppet show streaming because of music licensing bullshit and that sucks

Contracts usually work to the detriment of human good.


fundraising, car repairs, rent (boost with CW) 

So, that we need to do to be hired is to hate computers... As a computer... Not attractive.

Amuro Ray was a Newtype, so powerful and so wise he could use his bullshit powers to pilot a robot so well it broke from him being too good at fighting ...

@violet if i had a non 0 amount of tech knowledge i would

Help: Voice Training 

We hate Google.
Good thing we hate Apple too or else we might actually like a phone and, fuck that

Stalin discourse sarcasm 

Why is the number of volume steps fucking hardcoded into Android? Who the fuck thought that was okay?

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