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bad bizarre obscure programming nonsense 

Hmm, we think we'll start up our lisping stream now. You should be able to see join at
Though, this is the first time we've ever done any streaming, so we don't know how it will work.

Thinking about streaming our terrible lisping since we managed to get it set up. :3

asking for money for car repairs (emergency update) 

Suricrasiacon-2020 coming to a place... Somewhere.

food shitpost 

What if, a headband that says "my ears are up here ⬆️"


lewd we guess 

Masto culture is saving as a draft and popping over to someone's profile to make sure they havent changed their pronouns since you last talked about them before you hit the toot button

Petition to rename "defederating" to "banishing"

@violet when violets mute me I'll truly know I've gone too far

oh hey a poll! which do you choose?

not reading stephen king because im anti monarchy

In certain numerical optimization problems, it is necessary to pass over highly non optimal areas of the parameter space in order to reach the desired location.

The development of people who, are like those problems, not amenable to analytic solutions, often seems to follow a similar experience.

Gendr either a visual novel/dating game for dating genders, or am app to date genders.

I'm going to design tiny robots to turn people into catgirls.

I'll call it Nyanotech.

A deer is not a horse because it is also half puppy.


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