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Vikxin awooed
Vikxin awooed

URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

Kiwifarms set up a Pletoma instance to fill the gap until they’re able to set up a forum to harass and harm again. I recommend suspending the instance at ASAP.

Vikxin awooed

I heard at one point he tried asking out EVERY GIRL in the school. It wasn't a particularly large school, but that's still...really rough.

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Also a (gay) classmate liked hitting on me a lot but I thought he was just trying to make me uncomfortable and I didn't realize he was gay.

I was pretty oblivious, though it was still obvious enough for me to realize the kid who asked me if I was gonna marry a boy or a girl when I grew up was failing at coming to terms with being gay.

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I also remember in high school...I think was looking to get a piercing but couldn't remember which ear was the "gay" one so as to do the other one. Because yeah it was the mid-00's.

I feel like "it's a gastronomic delight" is something I said once in high school that became an injoke but I absolutely do not remember the context

It's gotten dark out so I stood up to turn on the lights.

The lights were already on. I turned them on hours ago.

I'm not doing so hot, how are you?

re: hades, nsfw I guess 

also you can tell from the sound effects that, yes, Meg IS a dominatrix and she DOES use her whip in bed.

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hades, nsfw I guess 

I still can't believe I walked into Zagreus' room and Meg and Than were just chilling there waiting to have a threesome with Zag

this game rules

oh wait the person this is bait for is probably asleep

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hello and welcome to mastodon, wherein I say pretty much nothing except reply to people sometimes

How does keep liking my toots before they're even done sending?

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

We are who we say we are (OC)

You ever think about the fact that the roots of the word "mastodon" mean "breast tooth"?

Vikxin awooed

So is snouts currently imploding or...what's going on today

Vikxin awooed

Come to the fediverse we have:
- People changing instances
- Drama between instances
- ???
- At least it's not twitter

I can't even tell if I'm being sarcastic

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