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I woke up from a dream that @owashii and another friend from our high school were harmonizing in some mournful song just out of nowhere while I was pouring more kibble for my cat. Also Owa was Strong Bad too. Dreams are weird.

Remember when I used to write software

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Y'ALL, so, does your phone only charge/connect if you Wiggle It Right, no matter what cable you use? Mine was.

Turns out this is very often caused by progressive compaction of lint into the bottom of the port, so the connector isn't able to seat properly.

If you get in there with a safety pin or something, you can pick the lint out. It's slow and you'll probably need a flashlight to see down in there, but it works. Keep digging until you see metal.

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Looking for housing by the end of the month (California Bay Area), boosts much appreciated :boost_requested: 

Hey, so!

We're uhhh getting kicked out at the end of the month. >,,<

We have no money and nowhere to go. We can't drive, and public transport in the rest of the country seems basically nonexistent, so we have to stay in bus range of the BART train system. But anywhere within that should work equally well.

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psa, exploding power supplies, :boost_ok: appreciated 

If you recently bought a Gigabyte power supply, it may be at risk of exploding. Newegg has been selling these power supplies in bundles with high-end graphics cards to try and liquidate e-waste stock.

From what we understand, the safety mechanism that's supposed to shut it down if there's an unsafe spike in usage (Over Power Protection, OPP) didn't kick in until serious damage was already done.

Gamer's Nexus did a video that goes more in-depth than we could ever hope to.

As of yet, Gigabyte has opted to issue an update to lower the OPP threshold rather than issue a recall.

Please double-check your power supplies in all computers you use or admin to see if they're affected.

Stay safe.

It was in reply to the actual *admin* too, so maybe not the smartest move on their part.

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Casually reporting people on for pushing buttcoin in random replies, like you do.

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What if instead of telling people to not "support" scummy companies, we campaigned to close those companies and make this kind of abuse illegal?

What if we didn't make political campaigns in the way that is most convenient for capitalist big business?

Thank you for the hint Spotify but I think I have it pretty well figured out by now.

I can't believe that Skyward Sword kept the rocket gossip stone Easter egg from Ocarina of Time

Why is everyone complaining about Gargon today specifically

So I'm on the third dungeon in Skyward Sword and I've come to realize...there is no lore in Zelda. Everything is made up per game and there are no significant attempts to tie things together, just common imagery. If even the first game in the timeline leans heavily on the ancient civilization trope then there will never be real continuity, ever.

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Hey just a PSA: if you are doing accessibility work in computer science, please _please_ add a dark mode to your application. Seriously, as someone with myodesopsia it is legitimately stressful and difficult for me many times to work with anything that has a bright white background.

Here's a picture that I couldn't post in the original toot because it's a poll:

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The Cray-1 is:

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