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The fediverse drama is dead. Long live the fediverse drama!

Vikxin awooed

In 1986 some geothermal teams in communist Romania drilled their way into a subterranean world, a world which had been cut off from the rest of the biosphere for 5.5 million years. No food, water, sunlight, or even radioactive particles from the Chernobyl disaster had made it there, these biologist and cavers were the first. It was warm and full of toxic gases, and it had a lake that was absolutely teeming with creatures. This is Movile Cave in Romania.

The cave was filled with 33 unique and endemic species of troglobites, among them were spiders, centipedes, leeches, and many, many isopods. They fed on a thin gooey film of chemosynthetic bacteria on the water and walls, the first known example of a terrestrial chemosynthetic ecosystem.

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Vikxin awooed
Vikxin awooed

Your FOXHOUND codename is just your passion hobby + your fursona. You can't look at Sniper Wolf and tell me I'm wrong.

Vikxin awooed

Is there a definitive version of Breath of Fire III? I played 1 and 2 on GBA and 4 on PS1, but getting a copy of BoF3 on PS1 is fucking hard, and the only other version I can find is...the PSP version. At which point I'd rather just pirate the original if I have to.

I love that "calque" is a loanword and "loanword" is a calque.

For context, what little of it there is, this is something a mutual friend of @owashii and mine said one time while asleep. It was kind of an injoke for a while. That's it.

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It looks like silver, but it's actually pewter

If @monorail sneezes too hard does it create a cold front

On he Internet, nobody needs to know you're AMAB.

I'm a power-sneezer. Most people go "achoo" when they sneeze, but I go "HACHOOM"

Apparently some shit is going down with fedi meta but I don't even know what. I only see people talking around it.

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for legal reasons, the following is a shitpost and should not be interpreted as anything more than that 

Can't say this in my classes, or in mixed company, but for fuck's sake, in this day and age, fucking pirate your textbooks. Fuck the academic publishers with their legal monopolies and overpriced bullshit.

Also I've felt this way about CTB vs ATB ever since I first played FFX well over a decade ago but it still bears repeating.

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