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The bouncing between "gotta wait for my turn" and then the "oh shit gotta enter my inputs now" was honestly the absolute worst. Though you could turn off the latter part, the former part was dreadful enough as-is.

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Hot video games take: while Final Fantasy X's conditional time battle system may have, conceptually, been a reduced version of earlier games' active time battle, they reduced it by removing all of the boring waiting parts and the stress of not making your inputs fast enough when the timers do eventually elapse, so all they removed was the bad parts. CTB is strictly better than ATB as a result.

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I should like...toot more. Especially about interesting things.

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This isn't news for folks in the five states that don't have in person voting of any kind, but for the newbies voting by mail for the first time, here's some help.


kink shitpost 

Do you think there's a rapper out there named M.C. Hypno?

It's August, which means it's almost September, which means it's almost almost October, and you know what that means...

maybe I should put "and Emulation" back in my bio again now that I'm actually actively writing emulators again.

Here's another fun one, generated with this command: ffmpeg -t 15 -f s16le -c pcm_s16le -ac 2 -ar 600 -vn -i /dev/urandom ~/tmp/underwater.flac

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This was generated with this command:
ffmpeg -t 15 -f s8 -c pcm_f24le -ac 2 -ar 22050 -vn -i /dev/urandom -sample_fmt s16p -b:a 8k ~/tmp/beepboop.mp3

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FFmpeg and audio codecs rule because I can feed it total garbage data and get this out

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literally holy shit do Not tell me that current MacOSX "just works"
it just Does Not Work. it's nearly as bad as windows

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youtube-dl is one of my favorite pieces of community-maintained open-source software. Despite the name, now works on many sites – youtube, vimeo, even Twitter. You do "youtube-dl URL" and it figures out how to get you a local, offline copy of the video.

Oh if you're so good at debugging then how many crickets have you eaten recently? Termites? Beetles? That's what I thought.

Shoutout to, who introduced me to this show in the first place, for immediately boosting the toot.

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