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Vikxin awooed
Vikxin awooed


The best shitposts are self referential shitposts are the best shitposts

Just imagine: what if I had a good shitpost here?

Should I start playing Pokémon GO again?

ableism? (but trying to not be) 

*tries to replace "crippling" in anxiety descriptions with "paralyzing" in all instances of me describing my anxiety*

You ever had friends-but-really-more-like-acquaintences you want to get to know better but you don't know them well enough to actually ask them if they want to hang out sometime?

or is that just me my paralyzing social anxiety?

Are there any legit accounts on pawoo? I keep getting spambots following me from there.

Steven Universe Movie (~) 

I am Spinel...

Vikxin awooed

It's been 15 years and I can still hear the "that's inappropriate" easter egg in that one LegendaryFrog cartoon.

Don't confuse the words catamount and catafalque.

This might be what Vaporwave aspires to be but I'm not actually sure

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Give me a whole album of music reminiscent of the PlayStation startup jingle.

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Bring back mid-90s-to-early-00s console startup aesthetic.

Had a dream last night that people were using the names Joel and (a misspelled version of) Phil equivalently to the way people are using Chad and Virgin (respectively) these days.

I can't remember the last time I watched Bonus Stage.

Vikxin awooed

Jorts sound more like something Coach Z would call The Cheat than it does an article of clothing.

Truth coming out of her well to scream at own ass (Gérôme, 1896)

microfic; time misinfo, implied stress/dissociation 

It was a Wednesday. Or at least he thought it was. Aaron hadn't looked at a calendar in a few days, and they all start to blend together when they've been as stressful as the past week or two had been. Hours felt like days and days felt like weeks as his life fell into disarray. Have you ever woken up Monday morning and gone to sleep that night on Wednesday? Experiencing three days in eighteen hours is absolutely exhausting. That's always the worst part of getting this stressed: losing track of time. It had been three weeks since last Wednesday, Aaron was pretty sure. But today was actually Friday; it'd only been two days since it started.

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