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Had a dream last night that people were using the names Joel and (a misspelled version of) Phil equivalently to the way people are using Chad and Virgin (respectively) these days.

I can't remember the last time I watched Bonus Stage.

Jorts sound more like something Coach Z would call The Cheat than it does an article of clothing.

Truth coming out of her well to scream at own ass (Gérôme, 1896)

microfic; time misinfo, implied stress/dissociation 

instance block suggestion 

Weekly reminder to domain-block * unless you want everyone on your server to be follow-spammed and harvested by a blackhat.

when the cw is longer and far more detailed than the toot 

Religion ~ 

I kinda want to chat with people I don't chat with frequently. If any followers want to hit me up I'm @vikxin on Telegram

Have you ever felt so incredibly average that it's exhausting

Whoops, watched the end of a Breath of Fire II speedrun instead of eating dinner. I got really captivated by it since that game meant a lot to me back in 2003.

easy way to reduce your ableism 

pleeeeease stop referring to hypothetical software developers as "he" by default. if you quickly add "or she" afterwards you're still on my shitlist. we have a perfectly serviceable generic singular pronoun, "they" - use it

She-Ra S3 spoilers/mh (-) 

She-Ra S3 spoilers/mh (-) 

“I’m only gonna finish S2 of She-Ra,” I said. How naïve. How quaint. Anyway, when’s S4 coming out?

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