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I hereby propose that the opposite of a milkshake duck is a sonicfox

why is it called Trigun anyway

There aren't 3 central plot-point guns in it. At least not in the anime. Dunno about the manga.

So I saw Vash the Stampede (from Trigun) wandering around at MFF this past weekend.

It figures Vash is a furry. I mean c'mon.

guns (humorous) 

Well looks like my page isn't federating right so here's the same pixel art again

what are "dogs" anyway?? little mutant wolves that like to play with balls? sounds fake af

The only reason Trump exists is because well-meaning white moderates don’t have the backbone to get up and:

Call out their racist uncle
Call out their misogynist kid
Speak up
RT Again, Trumpism has never been supported by the majority of Americans. Both pro-Trump conservatives & anti-Trump neoliberal centrists repeatedly:
1) overstate his popularity
2) focus on white, rural voters they label "average Americans"
3) ignore popularity of progressive policy

breakups, mh (-) 

re: us pol (-) 

re: us pol (-) 

re: us pol (-) 

us pol (-) 

ok which one of you fuckers made the character limit on 1337

what is this a 2006 message board :thaenkin:​

relationships/mh/si (β€”) 

re: relationships (-) 

re: mh/relationships (--) 

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