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Could people not use β€˜cancer’ for β€˜a thing I don’t like’ please

can’t believe fallout boy is releasing their 76th studio album

I love Doggo
I love Disco
I will love "Disco Dingo"

La prochaine version d'Ubuntu (19.04) s'appellera "Disco Dingo"

If you haven’t heard about it already, an all new beautiful iOS Mastodon app is now available on the App Store. πŸŽ‰

It contains 3D Touch, Today and Share extensions, Siri Shortcuts, iMessage Stickers, a Watch app, and so much more!

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I kinda wanna make a GBC game. But what would I even make?

Gonna need to write a conversion tool so that you can actually scan dotcodes and binaries though. Turns out the code VBA has just dumps the decoded dotcode into RAM, which is a huge hack and I hate it.

I wanna write some emulator code today. Emulate some new peripheral maybe.

Maybe I should get back to working on e-Reader. Would love to get that working.

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