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Wait. Does the OSH in OSHPark stand for open source hardware?

It's an opinion I held back when I still gave a shit 15 years ago.

Polygon ran an article on why the Digimon show was better than the Pokemon show...for some reason...

I guess it's a 20 year thing???

I know in earlier seasons they changed basically everyone's names in the dubs but I'm still confused as to why they renamed Ruki to Rika. It doesn't make the name any more...American.

I wonder if there's anyone out there who still likes Renamon that ardently claims they're not a furry.

I'm hoping I'm done with the mh (---) posts for a while. It seems like I may be.

The birth and death of a meme in 1 hour has to be a new record.

Also please fucking stop, it's really gotten old already.

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I had a dream that I was talking about SNES emulators with @oolongstains after I ported snes9x to some random platform. My dreams are awfully mundane sometimes.

I was trying to access a particular website in the wayback machine, but it looks like it's completely broken because it's React-based and some of the key JavaScript wasn't archived. As a result, the site doesn't load at all - it's an entirely blank page.

Starting to worry about how many pages are going to end up like this. JS-free fallbacks aren't just about people who turn JS off in their browsers!

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I've apparently been confusing the bands Justice and Journey for years and only just realized. Hm.

Oh god I have to rotate them into the right place. Fucking EarPods.

Sure is hard to listen to NIN when my earphones have no bass response πŸ™ƒ

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