I don't like peanut butter. Sorry, I'm not dog.

terrible but earnest opinion 

NSFW shitpost 

@monorail that's a novel genital configuration if I've ever seen one

Vikxin awooed

reminder that amazon workers in new york are striking tomorrow (3/30) so remember not to buy anything from them

Apparently DINK is an acronym that means Dual Income, No Kids, which, while probably a coincidence, really explains a lot about Mr. Dink's ability to afford "very expensive" gadgets.

re: covid 19 

Has anyone made a filk of A Cruel Angel's Thesis called a Cruel Incel's Thesis yet or is that too obvious

What do you call the newer game also named SimCity?

@hyperlink this joke will get funnier as you get further in too

Beastars-adjacent joke 

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Beastars-adjacent joke 

Fetish mention 

meet my fursona (don't get too excited, it's not a new picture, i already have it pinned) 

@owashii Your verses are blank and your couplets obscene,
Surely I wish that these toots be unseen.

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