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@scanlime I have a project that I work on in my spare time but it's effectively free for everyone and the Patreon generates a pittance. There's no really good way to monetize it unless I drag myself out of the passion portion of the project and somehow make a great Android port, and even then is liable to wind up making me some tiny amount for a few years, at which point it'll dry up anyway.

I have no passions left to mine for the ability to survive.

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@scanlime honestly I feel this. I have zero interest in continuing to work in tech but I have no idea how I could possibly generate enough revenue to live comfortably and not worry about my bank account comfortably if I quit. The obvious first step is to move to somewhere with much, much lower rent or where I can afford a house out of pocket, but that has all sorts of other problems. There are plenty of other professions out there but I'm not at all qualified for any of them, and I really don't want to put in the effort to get qualified for another thing I'll probably just end up hating. The whole system is rigged against the workers. You can only be comfortable if you have enough wealth to offload having to actually do anything to the workers you exploit. And yet, the discomfort is still soul-draining enough that I find myself having trouble motivating myself enough to even bother with anything some of the time.

I guess it was naive of me to think a show that's intentionally stuck in the 80s wouldn't have a USSR episode at some point...

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You know I didn't think Regular Show was going to be on the list of American media that doesn't seem to realize that the USSR stopped existing decades ago, but here we are.

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@scanlime JavaScript needs to go into the JavasCrypt

@monorail the guy who wrote the emulator that supports it is in my discord, so yeah I do

@monorail 5 at a time, though if I start writing them down it's larger

@fluffy Less than I pay now! I assume no data caps or anything, either?

@fluffy How much is that plan? It's the plan I'm gonna want when I move to the area.

@fluffy I've been doing this recently too but you're further along than me. I'm in the middle of S4 right now.

@dirt not just that, a Republican will have come along and canned the project years prior.

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Question: does Cerberus count as plural given the heads are physically separate?

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@scanlime I hate this *slams the fave button*

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could a depressed person do this? (gets stuck in the suez canal)

Maybe I should set up a mastodon cross poster since I'm pretty sure 99% of what I toot these days is just witty replies to @monorail and @owashii, the two people who I see most on my timeline.

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