@monorail I have the Switch version which I don't think even has the editor

@monorail I haven't even gotten far enough in the game to have level, without, or phantom :(

@ticky honestly I don't think sexism is the factor causing it here--I think the men are just trying to be more "macho" while the women are more sensible on average. So it just boils down to (literally) toxic masculinity.

Vikxin awooed

@jahtnamas ohhh fsr I thought they had a RED red one like the product(red) stuff

@ItsMorgan @FirstProgenitor @Colophonscrawl I'm coming up blank for more examples but here's one I drew attention to like 15 years ago.

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URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

Kiwifarms set up a Pletoma instance to fill the gap until they’re able to set up a forum to harass and harm again. I recommend suspending the instance at kiwifarms.cc ASAP.

@monorail yeah he's in Budapest. I don't want to dox him but it's pretty easy to find where in Budapest too

re: uspol...? 

@jahtnamas I think it's just been blocked or shot down or something because everyone moved to the p-site or something

re: uspol...? 

@jahtnamas gab had a fedi instance for a while

re: uspol...? 

@jahtnamas I mean, a lot of it already is...

Vikxin awooed

re: uspol 

@millenomi the cortisol resistance is real

@256 @KitRedgrave I had all but one of these, though now two additional CDs have gotten lost.

@Crowley that sounds like Twitter moderation alright

@fluffy where's are the "dislike" and "empathize" buttons on this tootsite

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