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There are two wolves inside you

And a dragon, an otter, a sergal, and a robot

You spend a lot on ref sheets

@Duende I'm a GB emulator/homebrew dev so I see this stuff a lot. I actually didn't know why it happened until recently myself, despite seeing it a ton!

@Duende oh hey I recognize those vertical lines. That's what happens when you have a RST $38 infinite loop crash.

Short version: if memory location $0038 has $FF in it and you ever execute instruction $FF, the game will crash and give you that repeating vertical line pattern. This is the case in lots of GB games, so you may see other games crash the same way.

Long version: The $FF instruction, RST $38, will call a function located at $0038. If $0038 is ALSO $FF, which it will be by default on GB games unless the programmers put something else there (which is uncommon), this is an infinite loop as it will always call itself. However, since it's a function call, it needs to put the location to return to after the function is done somewhere. This is put on a region of memory called the stack. Since it never returns, though, it keeps pushing the same value onto the stack over and over again. Once that's been going on for long enough it'll start to overwrite video memory, which causes that vertical line pattern to form when it next draws that video memory!

@ShugoWah just give me more Richard Jacques OSTs. *glances at Sonic 3D Blast's Saturn soundtrack fondly*

@flacs Qt 5 had had significantly more releases than Qt 4 at this point.

*goes to get froyo*
Hmm, this is missing something
*takes 2/3 of the strawberries they have out*

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