@fluffy I'm pretty sure that's standard fare for PS2 (and GameCube) images. For whatever reason, they're always padded out to the full size of the disc.

@enigmatico @millenomi I do this by eye far more frequently than I should need to. It seems like you're explaining entropy analysis without calling out entropy though? I do wonder how it performs for highly compressed (via entropy-based compression techniques, e.g. arithmetic coding) but not encrypted files.

@fluffy yeah after re-reading it I think you're right, which is a boneheaded decision from pretty much any way you look at it.

@fluffy you know, that's absolutely bizarre and definitely leaving money on the table, which is not the usual fare for Disney

when can I buy a King plush?

@fluffy oh, that wasn't what I thought it was. I thought it was "this isn't the kind of show we want" without making it clear what kind of show they were talking about (maybe the demons, maybe the gay)

@amsomniac @mary if your polycule isn't using Paxos, what are you even doing?

@IceWolf @rey wait I looked it up and QR codes predate CueCat by *six years*, they just hadn't gotten big or made it out of Japan until smartphones with halfway decent cameras were common.

@IceWolf @rey not being a single vendor, basically. Also QR codes are (I think) Japanese, as opposed to being made by some right-wing nutjob entrepreneur

@IceWolf @rey present tense? Long, long dead. What *was* it? Some attempt at QR codes before QR codes. It failed miserably and was full of tracking and advertising *in 2000*.

@rey I had one. Wasn't it basically a scam, though?

@fluffy yeah I heard about that. They were expecting at least 10. That must be one hell of a scramble considering how much backstory we still don't have for several major characters. You know they were expecting to have more time for exposition...

@fluffy after watching the S2 finale I was literally speechless for like 2 minutes. It was too much.

@fluffy somehow I knew that this was gonna be about TOH, because, fuck.

@owashii You know what's a good term for a spouse-system? Spice.

re: uspol 

@rey I didn't know those were televised and yesterday 🤷


@rey I don't even know what you're talking about, tbh

a soda poll to end all soda polls 

@vantablack @rey cream soda is super underrated

@mary "Not entirely my memories" is a weird phrase that I understand all too well.

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