@hierarchon huh, wow, I've never gotten nearly that much on any device before. Wonder what the difference is.

@hierarchon It's hard to get better speeds than that over 802.11ac without having a MIMO NIC, which I think are pretty rare.

@mio I misread claim as chaim and I need to go to bed ok

cursed, kit noooo 

So how deep does the Lucario spike go?

Is it attached to their sternum? Is there some steel orb in their chest that it's anchor to? Is it only skin deep?

If it's only skin deep, can it be shed? Does Lucario molt spikes? Do people collect these spikes? To what end?

The questions are endless.

@Duende@snouts.online who is this hyperlink fellow

@pandora_parrot Yeah, it's really depressing. It wasn't that many months ago that you could still buy stuff there, too.

Had a dream last night I got struck by lightning and fucking died

@JarylGaren @owashii I refer to Fusion as a survival horror game for a reason

@EeveeEuphoria @unascribed Yes, it used to be roughly one system behind, so I remember it was SNES when the N64 was current gen

@owashii ohh, 羊. I remember the kanji, but I didn't remember how it was pronounced.

@owashii or at least tried to learn. My Japanese is still complete garbo

@owashii I mean same, but I eventually figured it out

@owashii this makes more sense in Japanese where they use the "b" sound to represent the "v" sound frequently since there isn't a native "v" sound in Japanese.

@mio I can read Cyrillic but I sure as heck can't read cursive Cyrillic I guess

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