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if a crime is punishable by a fine, that means its legal for rich people

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@skolli The one exception I can think of is MSPA. I joined before Homestuck started (and left around the time it got big). I've even met Toby Fox! Twice!

@skolli I always seem to join communities that are over the hill by the time I get there. It's actually rather upsetting.

@skolli The message board I frequented in 2006 had people like and and probably a bunch of other people who did things I'm forgetting. But it was already past its prime when I joined.

@skolli Yes I know that's only 2 years later but that was a fucking long time when you're like 11

@skolli dang I didn't really do chat rooms until like 2001! My parents didn't want me chatting with strangers online.

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