@technomancy I'm pretty sure they acquired it before that but were trying to hide it (poorly)

@kieran you're on the wrong side of the fence again

niche tech horror 

@scanlime Apparently not even Intel is consistent about how they brand x86_64, so hopefully that's what they meant...hopefully...

@jahtnamas I've seen SO many people with teal hair recently, not sure if I'm just noticing it now, or if that color is weirdly popular right now.

@hierarchon there are presumably too many projects called Lain

@owashii oh, I guess I misremembered then. I do remember the vivarium the fennec was in being way too small for a fennec though.

Remembering that time that I went to a small indoor zoo type thing with some classmates, including @owashii, and learned about several animals I hadn't heard of before, including coatimundi, fennecs, and sugar gliders. I remember saying I wanted to be a crazy animal person when I grew up. Mission accomplished. Also I think the sugar glider peed on Owa.

mild splatoon 3 story spoilers (/j) 

@jahtnamas I just wanna know how the Eiffel Tower got turned upside down

mild splatoon 3 story spoilers (/j) 

@jahtnamas wait I thought it was only like 1000 years. Am I misremembering?

@owashii and at this point it happened kinda by accident. I saw you in someone's replies and was like, wait, I know you

Oh my god I realized I've known @owashii for two decades at this point. Admittedly we fell out of contact for almost a decade but STILL

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