@ky0ko @hierarchon are you manually delaying until the serial transfer is done? My version waits on the IF bit for the serial IRQ, even though I don't have interrupts enabled.

@ky0ko This is pretty similar to something I've been working on actually! Neat.

What's your favorite season? Mine is the fall of the bourgeoisie.

Possibly Shutting Down VidCommons 

Imagine if construction workers were visibly credited for buildings and large projects the way folks are credited for movies and games

@owashii You can cross-post from masto to twitter and have it strip the CW, I think. Other way around doesn't work for obvious reasons

@owashii Do you have a masto cross poster or do you just copy paste everything

@owashii Not to be confused with biolizard, the final boss of sonic adventure 2

@pandora_parrot she ended up making an account on todon.nl before you replied, we'll see how that goes.

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