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Could people not use β€˜cancer’ for β€˜a thing I don’t like’ please

@KitRedgrave @lynnesbian nah it can't be worse than writing one in JavaScript, which I already did

@lynnesbian oh no do I need to write a GBA emulator in VBA now. That would only make things more confusing.

@poss_bot I should go there sometime to see if I can find any rarities.

can’t believe fallout boy is releasing their 76th studio album

I love Doggo
I love Disco
I will love "Disco Dingo"

La prochaine version d'Ubuntu (19.04) s'appellera "Disco Dingo"

@JPEG I'm enjoying using this client so far, but I have a minor request: can you enable filtering on downscaled avatars? Mine looks pretty bad when using nearest neighbor :P

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