@hierarchon How about that Banach-Tarski paradox though

@vyr for a second there I thought you'd pixelated your cat's tail

@jahtnamas @ticky I have to refer to KYM frustratingly frequently

@AshBunny @Duende can't decide if I should read this in G-Man's voice or Dr. Coomer's voice.

weed, lewd 

@owashii I'm not fond of peanut butter, personally.

weed, lewd 

@owashii I am tired and trash and misread that as Peanut Butter Sheath, and well, yeah, two things dogs like licking

@kieran I'm faving this for the tail commentary alone. Nice pic though.

@monorail same*

*I've been to Romano's Macaroni Grill though, which is similar, and I've eaten at Cheesecake Factory many times.

Shoutout to @owashii, who introduced me to this show in the first place, for immediately boosting the toot.

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@glen @hyperlink I grew up in Massachusetts and I haven't even heard of half these towns.

A lot of these are accurate though.

@monorail @Felthry @quarky Yeah, it's some of the Wii Motion Plus controllers, generally referred to as -TR wiimotes because of the model number. Dolphin has some info on them.

@Duende I was looking for a good panel of Jolyne but thirsty FF is a mood.

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