when the cw is longer and far more detailed than the toot 

Religion ~ 

@owashii I have watched any Sealab 2021 since the last time you showed it to me so it's...been a while. But I can't forget Bizarro Stormy.

I kinda want to chat with people I don't chat with frequently. If any followers want to hit me up I'm @vikxin on Telegram

@owashii I've been clamoring for a new game with the Wind Fish in it for a while. I half got my wish.

Have you ever felt so incredibly average that it's exhausting

@owashii funny the way a lack of sound can be more jarring than that the presence of some sounds

Whoops, watched the end of a Breath of Fire II speedrun instead of eating dinner. I got really captivated by it since that game meant a lot to me back in 2003.

@owashii yeah, by digging through posts about gay sex shenanigans apparently

easy way to reduce your ableism 

@sneakerfox I've been to fediverse meetups mostly populated by snouts denizens, but no I don't think that joke was made

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