You ever think about the fact that the roots of the word "mastodon" mean "breast tooth"?

@ben @SwooshyCueb I believe it counts as perjury, but I'm not sure what the ramifications of that are.

@owashii yeah, you show that fundamental force of nature who's boss

@hierarchon I don't think the DMCA takedown will hold up on court, if it ever gets there though.

@hierarchon I don't think I've ever used it for that specifically, but I'm sure a lot of people do

Automatically generated QAnon 'theories' 

@jeroenpraat @rey I fucking lost it at "Bill Clinton" and bone crimes.

@linear @ticky specifically in the case of all the elements being the same type that is. If they're not the same type then things get more complicated with regards to padding.

@linear @ticky yes, absolutely, though generally unless your elements are weirdly sized structs themselves you don't need to worry about that

@linear @ticky C can't rearrange the order. That's a Rust thing I believe.

@ectoBiologist @hierarchon honestly? Yeah. As someone who was there from the start, I never bothered finishing it.

@kauko I'm also half asleep and didn't realize that the microcontroller was a separate board in that last photo until after I tooted; I thought you'd done a LOT of fine SMD soldering

@kauko how do you even go to that last step? You didn't hand solder that, did you?

@fluffy @rey unfortunately I do know what tech Web 3.0 is built on. But I know that's ignoring the reference/joke.

@monorail I haven't listened to Nightvale in a long time but it feels like it would be.

@monorail isn't this just half of the Nightvale sponsors?

@jahtnamas Yay! I'm glad someone's getting use out of it instead of it just sitting in the bottom of a drawer for years like my old iPhones did (before I traded them in for an iPad Pro a year or two ago).

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