Man I wish I were as versatile as Wikipedia thinks King Crimson is

"tasteful" nudity 

Memory Alpha is a good wiki.

Never forget you're more closely related to this sessile colony of blob slinkies than you are to lobsters.


I like how in every JoJo part that has Joseph in it he radiates big himbo energy but for completely different reasons.

who killed hannibal shooting meme 

ok I think I'm done. last one

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comics, lewd 

Anyone else remember Agent X? Or just me? @OCRbot

book photos, lewd, bondage 

Remember Wicked, the play subverting The Wizard of Oz that was the darling of Broadway for years a decade and a half ago? Did you know that the book it's based on has a drugged-out furry bondage occult sex scene in it?

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