I had a dream last night that I was on QI with @owashii. For some reason I said "Can we please stop talking about grandma soup?" No, that's not a typo.

@vikxin Immediately thinking of the Grandma Soup from Wind Waker

@owashii I hate to break it to you but this was literally about the broth you'd get from having a grandma in e.g. a hot spring. Hence why I wanted people to stop talking about it.

@vikxin ... :blobfoxthinking:

Maybe that's why the Grandma Soup from Wind Waker doubles your attack

"Wait this came from wh- AAAAUGH D:< *rage*"

@owashii Can we please stop talking about grandma soup?

@vikxin No, never. Going to write an entire epic-saga about it and make sure "epic" is being used very correctly.

@owashii Good luck writing a poem that long. Heroic verse is not easy.

@vikxin Gonna take "Beowulf" and replace every instance of that name with "Grandma Soup"

@owashii I don't think that's the same foot, but I was always bad at that.

@vikxin listen well and I'll tell you a tale
of Grandma's Soup, unless I fail...

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