Capitalist dystopia prediction: future office buildings will have "custom" interior air mixtures with decreased CO2, slightly increased oxygen, and, if costs permit, some of the nitrogen replaced with inert gasses like neon, krypton or argon. The end result is that the air is more "energizing" (and healthier too), leading to an subtle positive stimulus associated with being in the office, whereas being outside or at home the stimulus is absent.


Also filters to keep out future SARS-CoV-2 strains and the like, of course.

The CO2 levels in *regular meetings* has been shown to reach levels where judgment is impacted if they go on longer than ~1 hour. There is probably *already* research going on into how to solve this.

@vikxin I still remember what it's like in a conference room after back-to-back closed-door 1-hour meetings all day, ugh

@rey yeah turns out that's actually really unhealthy

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