Without looking it up, how much RAM do you think the Atari 2600 has? I'm really curious how much people ballpark, and how far off they are, so please boost and don't post the reply in the answers.

Really interesting spread here so far, and way more votes than I was expecting in this few days.

@vikxin Too little for the entire screen, hence the book "Racing the Beam"

@vikxin oh damn, I thought this was one of those later desktop Atari's or something...

@vikxin @Bobo_PK Hab nachher natürlich nachgesehen, und ich hatte mich ganz schön nach oben verschätzt.

@dentaku @vikxin @Bobo_PK Who owns an Atari 2600 here?

#atari #2600 #retro #retrogaming #gaming #atari2600

@vikxin Heh, I know the answer but am curious what everyone else thinks too

@vikxin oh cool managed to get it right. Purely an educated guess based on limited knowledge of cpus from that time period.

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