I had a dream that I made a joke about "how many movies on Newgrounds that have a joke about impaling Adam Sandler with a lightsaber do you think there are" and then thanked @owashii for helping me come up with the joke

Also I guess I'm in high school again in this dream because that would have been 15 years ago???


I remember at some point in high school @owashii glibly joked that he had "more issues than National Geographic" and now I have to wonder if some of those issues got redistributed to @artemis or if they were duplicated

@owashii @artemis for some reason I feel like we were in line for a Friendly's. I have no idea why I remember that.

@vikxin @owashii A little bit of both, honestly. Some of them were duplicated, some of them went to Owa, and some of them went to me. It's hard to say which ones went to which one though, we're still trying to figure stuff out.

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