How does @owashii keep liking my toots before they're even done sending?

@owashii can't tell if you're a time mage or just Joseph Joestar

@vikxin I'm what would happen if Joseph Joestar had The World as a Stand, and was also a dog with extremely short legs.

@owashii Iggy's Stand was The Fool after all and idk if you've changed since high school but

@vikxin I have, and you may be surprised to learn it is change beyond "is slightly older"

2017-2019 were rough years and I had to learn how to adult in a very short amount of time.

@owashii oof. I've had some years like that. I was just trying to make a joke and was concerned it wouldn't land.

@vikxin I figured you were and I was debating "go for silly answer and act like a dipfuck" and "give actual answer" so I flipped a coin.


@owashii I'm glad you gave me the benefit of the doubt at least. I don't think anyone stays the same for 10 years after high school.

@vikxin I try not to take things too seriously anymore unless I absolutely have to.

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