Come to the fediverse we have:
- People changing instances
- Drama between instances
- ???
- At least it's not twitter

I can't even tell if I'm being sarcastic

@vikxin I cannot in good conscious recommend mastodon to anybody, but at the end of the day, it's not twitter

@Joshi I don't think that makes me feel any better

@vikxin Come to IRC, we're all too old on IRC to care about any of that crap anymore XD

@vikxin (Issues do exist, but generally you... don't go to bad IRC servers... ....IRC servers that disagree aren't linked to eachother too)

@lyskar I know someone who's in and I really just don't know why he'd do something like that to himself. I got kicked one time for...having an away nick. Like once. And when I asked why I got kicked, I was treated like a piece of shit for even asking. Yeah, no, IRC isn't better. Even on average.

@lyskar also if anyone from a random instance decides to butt in on this conversation at all because I used that hashtag, you'll be:

- Proving literally everyone who says techbros are toxic garbage right
- Immediately blocked

@vikxin But those people in that channel can't go on other servers in other channels and then start stuff with people unless those other servers and channels decide to allow it, whereas by default in the fediverse, it's all connected and everyone sees it...

@lyskar I mean yeah, but your original point wasn't about the technical issues of IRC vs Fedi, it was about the attitudes of the people who used it

@vikxin I guess I should have made a more nuanced argument noting that if you know of a good place on IRC you don't have the same worry of discourse finding and invading like you would on fediverse. Sorry 'bout that, it's getting late and I'm tired

@lyskar oh, I didn't even realize it was about "decent places on IRC" and not "IRC as a medium", hence the nature of my replies.

@vikxin Yeah. Sometimes I speak obliquely, so I understand missing things like that. IRC as a medium sadly attracts a lot of sad sacks and terrible stuff in places.

But if you get a decent place, on a non-horrid server (server ops on IRC otherwise can get up to nasty shenanigans themselves)... yeah.

@vikxin Not to defend toxicity, though. That experience sucks. Just in a IRC way, rather than a fediverse way.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I always appreciate kittens, though right now my adult cat is busy eyeing me instead.

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