Apparently some shit is going down with fedi meta but I don't even know what. I only see people talking around it.

@vikxin Something something... It's Snouts again.

It always seems to be something going on with snouts or witches, in my experience. The latter when it would go around shouting down any black-owned instances that popped up. The former with... lots of weird conflicts I don't fully follow.

@vikxin I think the snouts admins try really hard to do the right thing, at least. Can't say the same for w.l.

@goongumpa @vikxin I don't actually know what's going down over there today. But it seems like there's a lot of challenges and conflicts over there.

Growing pains maybe?

@goongumpa @vikxin Oh wow. They have like 3000 users. That's definitely interesting and challenging.

@goongumpa @pandora_parrot Yeah, I joined instead of for a reason. i don't 100% remember what the reason was though, but I'm sure there was a reason.

@vikxin I wish this "Tag a thing with meta and talk about it in hushed vague tones" shit would stop forever.

@vikxin this is always me when things are going down with fedi meta

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