Bring back mid-90s-to-early-00s console startup aesthetic.

Give me a whole album of music reminiscent of the PlayStation startup jingle.

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This might be what Vaporwave aspires to be but I'm not actually sure

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@vikxin I also want these consoles to be wrapped in the finest translucent coloured plastic.

@Lunostophiles my Saturn is opaque black. Sega was ahead of its time in the worst way possible.

@wolfcoder being a GBA emulator developer, I think I've heard the GBA chime enough for one lifetime

@vikxin oh holy shit that's the good one. I just wrote an assembler to make GBA games with and I use it for testing. I wish it had a no$gba style debugger though.

@wolfcoder I've been working on one but it's really not ready to be considered usable yet.

@vikxin ah so what I found via google is all testing branch stuff. If you'd like, I can do some testing.

@wolfcoder it's too early in development for that even. Basic stuff is known not to work very well. I should get back to that once I fix the OpenGL issues.

@vikxin can't really appreciate accurate emulators until you've tried to develop a game for the system. Back in 2005ish all I had was VBA so I had to flash it to a cart a lot to double check things.

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