I feel like I don't know who does good furry art these days. Recommend some artists for me to follow on Twitter or Mastodon! I might make an art following account so I can keep it separate from text tweets.

@vikxin Here's a bunch of artists I know that are AMAAAAZING! @pexl, @extinct @Critter @coda @Feverdreamless

Also, @JacketButtonsArt is spinning up on doing art again and you should totally commission her when she finishes her current commission set.

@vikxin Also @SuperCee is stunning. God, there's so many. That's just who I've commissioned or thought about commissioning lately. :P

@vikxin I can be paid to do pretty decent furry art, but it's not my usual thing. I don't know any artists on Mastodon yet though.

@vikxin @Mous did my telegram stickers and has awesome art in general, I recommend following them

@vikxin I'd recommend @ziphi - she does both both traditional and digital art, leaning towards a more natural/theriomorphic style (e.g. as contrasted with anthropomorphic).

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