when the cw is longer and far more detailed than the toot 

Religion ~ 

I kinda want to chat with people I don't chat with frequently. If any followers want to hit me up I'm @vikxin on Telegram

Have you ever felt so incredibly average that it's exhausting

Whoops, watched the end of a Breath of Fire II speedrun instead of eating dinner. I got really captivated by it since that game meant a lot to me back in 2003.

easy way to reduce your ableism 

pleeeeease stop referring to hypothetical software developers as "he" by default. if you quickly add "or she" afterwards you're still on my shitlist. we have a perfectly serviceable generic singular pronoun, "they" - use it

She-Ra S3 spoilers/mh (-) 

She-Ra S3 spoilers/mh (-) 

β€œI’m only gonna finish S2 of She-Ra,” I said. How naΓ―ve. How quaint. Anyway, when’s S4 coming out?

Is there a polite way to say "hey you used to follow me before twitter unceremoniously terminated your account but you don't on your new one. Is this an oversight or was it intentional?"

I'm logging into my tumblr to see if I can figure out who I used to follow, wish me luck

I feel like I don't know who does good furry art these days. Recommend some artists for me to follow on Twitter or Mastodon! I might make an art following account so I can keep it separate from text tweets.

an appeal to the fediverse regarding anti-abuse 

Froyo is just an excuse to eat a bowl full of strawberries with a little bit of yogurt

I want to see a usage graph of the fediverse to see how big the spike is when Twitter goes down

Dear everyone who is considering making a video of yourself talking rather than just writing the *exact same words* into a text file, a blog post or a PDF:

Unless you're specifically targeting people who literally cannot read...

Please don't.

Sincerely, A Person Who Doesn't Have Literal Free Hours To Hear You Slooooowly Say Something It Would Take Me Five Seconds To Read And Also I Can Ctrl-F It

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