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if a crime is punishable by a fine, that means its legal for rich people

You ever find a webcomic that looks like it might be interesting, but you just can't figure out what it has to do with Sonic the Hedgehog, despite all of its art being clearly Sonic inspired?

it took me uh *counts the months* abysmally, INEXCUSABLY long to finish this, but it's finished. *_* for @vikxin!

hot take: Honedge, Dublade and Aegislash are fucking *awesome* Pokémon, especially with Aegislash's powerful unique King's Shield and stance switching, and was woefully let down by dickheads going "lmao they just swords 🀣" and pointing to them as proof that newer 'mons suck

The bouncer squints skeptically at the ID. "This really you?" he asks, half-jokingly.

"Well, no, it's not," Magritte says, "it's a representation of--"

the biggest indignity of not being my fursona is the fact i dont have a huge fluffy tail to sleep on. i call bullshit on this universe

Just a little request while folks are talking about CWs for possibly traumatic holidays: Can y'all CW mother's/father's day stuff when those days roll around?

i'm bisexual. i'm into paws *and* maws.

You know, maybe I should have realized I was trans in high school when I was the only one to give a standing ovation to a play about a trans woman (I Am My Own Wife).

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