Twitter is down, everyone toot on mastodon instead

Going through my old photos and I have photos from high school of @owashii:

- Sneezing under the Eiffel Tower
- Wearing a plastic trash bag that has "Dobby" written on it in sharpie
- That's it. I don't have any other photos of him

Current status: spend half an hour figuring out why images are usually broken on my instance, but only in the app. Without much visibility into what the app or the CDN is doing. And now I don't know what to do with this information other than complain at the app developer about how they handle cached assets. Who even runs this CDN? I don't know.

@tootapp @rey Do you have any insight into which side is failing?

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New Toot! version is giving me this error all the time and I don't know if it's Toot! or my instance fucking up. (Old versions would just silently fail.)

Gamers sure do like rainbow lights a lot for being so generally homophobic

Fox News in name only, for it is neither

Does @hyperlink just boost everything with his @ in it

mh (-)/shitpost 

mh (--) 

lewd Star Fox shitpost 

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hey don’t watch the FFVIII relay since a shithead is running it (image hidden for general shitty twitter bio) #AGDQ

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I'm not sure how it's possible but Twitter keeps finding more ways to shoot itself in the foot. How many feet does Twitter have!?

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You've heard of bark, but have you ever heard of *opens mouth and emits dot matrix noises and paper with "bark" written on it.*

What should I do with the domain name Anyone want to help me run an instance? I have no real interest in running it by myself.

I'm amazed so many people voted for Wobbuffet.

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Shoutout to that time in high school where I had a DVD-R with Fullmetal Alchemist on it, labeled FMA, that @owashii thought stood for "fuck my ass" for reasons I still haven't figured out

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