So how deep does the Lucario spike go?

Is it attached to their sternum? Is there some steel orb in their chest that it's anchor to? Is it only skin deep?

If it's only skin deep, can it be shed? Does Lucario molt spikes? Do people collect these spikes? To what end?

The questions are endless.

Had a dream last night I got struck by lightning and fucking died

Vikxin awooed

weed uspol foam re: vaping epidemic 

anyone looking to move to the south sf bay? I need a roommate fast

shitpost, misinfo 


Raise your hand if you wanted to be goth as a teenager but never actually did anything about it 🙋‍♀️

shitpost, Tim Burton mention 

When you stub your toe while listening to vaporwave

@owashii I knew that from the start, I was just messing :P

I should follow more mastopeeps. Gimme some recs.

Happy pronoun day I'm she/her I guess

What's your favorite season? Mine is the fall of the bourgeoisie.

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Possibly Shutting Down VidCommons 

Vikxin awooed

Imagine if construction workers were visibly credited for buildings and large projects the way folks are credited for movies and games

Anyone know a good leftist-but-not-furry Masto instance? Asking for a friend who ISN'T a furry (gasp). looks like it might be ok but closed reg atm

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