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Everyone seems to have pinned toots these days with all sorts of background info. I'm not even sure what I'd put in one. I've never put thought into what to have as a pinned toot.

Remembering that time that I went to a small indoor zoo type thing with some classmates, including @owashii, and learned about several animals I hadn't heard of before, including coatimundi, fennecs, and sugar gliders. I remember saying I wanted to be a crazy animal person when I grew up. Mission accomplished. Also I think the sugar glider peed on Owa.

Oh my god I realized I've known @owashii for two decades at this point. Admittedly we fell out of contact for almost a decade but STILL

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if this actually exists

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A tattoo parlor that specializes is tattooing naughty bits. It's called Tat for Tit.

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Hey, so something came up at synagogue board meeting today, and really important as many people know this as possible:

COVID is NOT getting less dangerous as it mutates. In fact, some new varieties are much more dangerous than the original.

COVID is just as -- if not more -- dangerous now as it was at the start of the epidemic. People who do not have access to vaccines, who are immunocompromised, who work in customer-facing positions, etc, are still at high risk.


I did an image search for "55 gallon drum" and uh, well, I wasn't expecting this image. Despite the fact that I went searching for pics because of a conversation about j-lube.

Who is Ester and how does she have so many partners?

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COVID-19 precautions 

even as a supposedly majority-WFH workplace such as mine has been hit hard by BA.5

"masks optional if you are vaccinated" is not enough in these circumstances. it was honestly not enough even before BA.5. indoor around others means wear a respirator

if you are in the US, there may be free N95 masks available near you

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It's disgusting that upper-and-middle-class people who run charities supposedly for poor and marginalized people give themselves cushy salaries and are considered respectable members of the elite, while poor people who ask for money for themselves are considered nuisances deserving of hostility and harassment. That's a straight-up a denial of poor people's agency and expertise over their own lives, the disbelief that they are capable of knowing their own needs. Fuck that noise.

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You've heard of Trans-Neptunian Objects, but have you heard of Cis-Neptunian Objects?

Concept: a heist movie, but it's a gang of Greeks breaking into the British Museum to steal back the Elgin Marbles

FOSS, antagonistic phrasing original context, which you may notice doesn't say what the payoff actually is. It's implied to be "people will use it", which is tantamount to being "paid in exposure", of course.

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FOSS, antagonistic phrasing 

FOSS people really think getting big companies to use your code is better than money

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I noticed that the toot that I retooted mentioning this isn't showing up for me on my profile page so in case anyone missed it:
tl;dr the gmail thing is likely not an issue for third party clients, only ones that involve accessing data related to a google account through a third party server. Which, most clients do not do or need to do.

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