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I had a dream that I was talking about SNES emulators with @oolongstains after I ported snes9x to some random platform. My dreams are awfully mundane sometimes.

I was trying to access a particular website in the wayback machine, but it looks like it's completely broken because it's React-based and some of the key JavaScript wasn't archived. As a result, the site doesn't load at all - it's an entirely blank page.

Starting to worry about how many pages are going to end up like this. JS-free fallbacks aren't just about people who turn JS off in their browsers!

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I've apparently been confusing the bands Justice and Journey for years and only just realized. Hm.

Oh god I have to rotate them into the right place. Fucking EarPods.

Sure is hard to listen to NIN when my earphones have no bass response πŸ™ƒ

Today is definitely a loud angry music day. Walked to the coffee shop (I usually drive but it's not far) listening to VNV Nation....

I'm super not in shape to do it but I just want to run around jumping off of things.

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yes hello, I recently purchased some adapters from you and they aren't working, can I speak to a technician

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