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Everyone seems to have pinned toots these days with all sorts of background info. I'm not even sure what I'd put in one. I've never put thought into what to have as a pinned toot.

For context, what little of it there is, this is something a mutual friend of @owashii and mine said one time while asleep. It was kind of an injoke for a while. That's it.

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It looks like silver, but it's actually pewter

If @monorail sneezes too hard does it create a cold front

On he Internet, nobody needs to know you're AMAB.

I'm a power-sneezer. Most people go "achoo" when they sneeze, but I go "HACHOOM"

Apparently some shit is going down with fedi meta but I don't even know what. I only see people talking around it.

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for legal reasons, the following is a shitpost and should not be interpreted as anything more than that 

Can't say this in my classes, or in mixed company, but for fuck's sake, in this day and age, fucking pirate your textbooks. Fuck the academic publishers with their legal monopolies and overpriced bullshit.

Also I've felt this way about CTB vs ATB ever since I first played FFX well over a decade ago but it still bears repeating.

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The bouncing between "gotta wait for my turn" and then the "oh shit gotta enter my inputs now" was honestly the absolute worst. Though you could turn off the latter part, the former part was dreadful enough as-is.

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Hot video games take: while Final Fantasy X's conditional time battle system may have, conceptually, been a reduced version of earlier games' active time battle, they reduced it by removing all of the boring waiting parts and the stress of not making your inputs fast enough when the timers do eventually elapse, so all they removed was the bad parts. CTB is strictly better than ATB as a result.

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I should like...toot more. Especially about interesting things.

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This isn't news for folks in the five states that don't have in person voting of any kind, but for the newbies voting by mail for the first time, here's some help.


kink shitpost 

Do you think there's a rapper out there named M.C. Hypno?

It's August, which means it's almost September, which means it's almost almost October, and you know what that means...

maybe I should put "and Emulation" back in my bio again now that I'm actually actively writing emulators again.

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