Hiya Fediverse. I have an USB Gadget which is only provided with a Windows software. It communicates using the USB HID protocol. I already recorded some traffic with Wireshark/USBpcap.
Is there any (free) tool which makes decoding the protocol easier, i.e. matching the URB_INTERRUPT bytes to the HID descriptor?
I startpaged around a bit and couldn't find anything.

Read into the topic, my question was actually nonsense.
The report descriptor says "send 64 packages, each 8 bits long". So I can't assign it any meaning via the HID report descriptor.

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@uvok How about some higher level sniffer like usbsnoopy? Or decompiling?
Plz. also check the web, if anybody else started the journey to get it working on linux ... usually you are not alone πŸ‘

Thanks for the hint, I'll try it out.
I couldn't find any other projects for this gadget (github / startpage / ddg). I also tried decompiling the windows executable, I haven't worked with these tools, before, though. (And reading program code with totally generic function and variable names is really confusing)

Actually it looks like the usbsnoop(y) website(s) are down / now defunc (using those listed at )

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