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#twitter used to automatically redirect to a JS-less version if you had #noscript

now it asks you for confirmation

I'm pretty sure this is intended to nudge people to enable JS so they can track them better

@grainloom have you tried their mobile site? Last time I checked (half a year ago or so) that worked without JS

@uvok That's what it used to redirect to, I think. It was around a few months ago that they changed it.

Hmm. Let's see... prefixing an m. does in fact work but then I might as well just click the redirect link.

I guess one could write an addon that rewrites twitter links to mobile links but I don't care _that_ much. 😞

uvok cheetah @uvok

@grainloom you wouldn't need to write an extension from scratch, at least for Firefox and Chrome there are a few already :)

@uvok yeah but I'm too lazy to find them and set them up